What Am I Doing With My Life?!

Ha! No, I’m good actually. I keep forgetting I have a freaking blog here. Oy. Anyhow, since my last post, a rant really on censorship in the country and on companies denying us all what we really want, I’ve been busy build my first video game in RPG Maker VX Ace (I’ll post a link below if you’re interested on seeing a vlog I published on youtube that has footage for it in it) and I’ve been busy working on my new novel. Well, it’s a novel I wrote several years ago and just haven’t felt like going back to it to refurbish into publishable form given how much work there is left to do on the book. But, I’m making some headway on both of those. The novel I’m working on is called Left of Midnight and is a sci-fi story set in World War II on a deserted island. It starts out somewhat cliche’, which is the intent, and then manifests into something rather out there. I hope it’s a good story and I’ve had some positive feedback on it so far.

I also have an animation project on the back burner which has the scripts written for it and some filming already done on it, though there is still much, much more to do. Not sure WHEN that’ll see the light of day. I’m trying to get myself into a position where I can do these things at home and be profitable and not have to go back to the grind of retail work. I have a degree in graphic design and the only jobs I can get are in the service industry. Sucks. Now, I want more. I want to accomplish what is in my heart to accomplish. I’ve written so many stories over the years, and done so many animations, yet nothing has ever brought me a cent. Which isn’t why I’ve done it, but it would be nice so that I can do those things AND still pay the bills. Also, I might get a little more house cleaning done. This apartment is a mess. Will the wife and son lift a finger to help? Nooooooppppeee. But c’est la vie.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. Thought I’d post something while I remembered this was here. Get something useful for my 18 bucks a year. Maybe. Here’s some links for ya all:

To watch my vlog featuring footage from my game (Actual gameplay footage starts at the 4:30 mark):

To read some of my old short stories and etc etc, click here:


Btw, I have to take down that youtube link on my website. When Youtube upgraded, they took away your ability to build a display box featuring your videos. Bastards. They’re bot’s a bastard too.

Thanks for reading, if any of you did, and don’t worry, I will be back!

~Timothy Scott Purvis

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