The Challenge of Consistent Writing

SO MY BOOK is finished. I'm satisfied with it. I've been submitting to agents and getting denied. Mostly because of word count. I've spent a few weeks whittling it down to something more acceptable and ended up with an edition some 165k words in length (original final product some 190k in length). But the more … Continue reading The Challenge of Consistent Writing

And It’s Done! …Sort of.

I started writing my book Red Star Sheriff roughly two years ago. I'm happy to report that I finished all the major edits to it within the last few weeks (though wordcount seems to be a sticking point on getting it published through a traditional venue--so I still have to evaluate that angle). I've been … Continue reading And It’s Done! …Sort of.

Beta Reading For Someone Can Be A Challenge

Over the last half a year I've been reading a lot of other writer's works. I have a method I like to employ when critiquing a work of literature (I wrote about that last month and what it means to be a critiquer, which you can check out here: What I focus on is … Continue reading Beta Reading For Someone Can Be A Challenge