Open Enrollment Needs To End

So I’ve been trying for the last two and a half months to get ahold of somebody through my company’s insurance provider. Nobody would answer the phone (their directory menu was utter crap allowing no way to talk to an actual person), I couldn’t enroll online through the system because it didn’t “recognize my information”, and when I finally did get ahold of an operator they treated me like some slithering beast because I’d missed the deadline. “Well you should have enrolled, sir. The deadline has already expired.”

Then I decide, fuck it, I’ll sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Health Care programs. Ha Ha. Nope. Nothing affordable about that. The cheapest I could get per month  was 138 bucks and let me tell you I can’t afford that. I don’t make the most money out there. I work for retail. And the whole process of trying to find insurance has left me sour and cynical. I remember years ago just calling a provider and getting hooked up. Now you have to jump through so many hoops it just leaves you feeling like a circus chimp ready to rip off someone’s face.

What really pisses me off, though, is the fact you have to wait an ENTIRE year just to enroll for health insurance. Why? You don’t have to wait a year for car insurance. You don’t have to wait a year for home insurance. Why do you have to wait a year for health insurance? Shouldn’t you be able to purchase it at any point when you’re ready?  It’s fucking ridiculous.

We should all demand of our representatives that they put in measures into the system, or something, that opens up the availability of insurance all throughout the year and not just at some designated point at the end of the year where maybe not everybody is in a position to sign up. It would certainly make life easier. Also, if I can’t afford health insurance, what on God’s green Earth makes these idiots think I can afford the penalty for not having it?

Open Enrollment and this overpriced system needs to end. Those of us on the bottom, us sorry little dregs of society, can’t take the crap anymore.


Still Here and Still Moving Forward



Here it is, the end of the year. Moving towards the christmas season. In just a few weeks, it’ll be 2017. So what have I done this year? Well I did manage the first episode of my new animation series Silent Cloud Return to Offender:

And there are a myriad of animated commercials I posted to my youtube page that will, in the future, make it into the beginnings of the remaining Silent Cloud episodes. There will be six all together btw.

I’ve also been developing the scripts for two new RPG Maker VX Ace games. One is shorter than the other and that one will probably be release to steam first. Though neither will see the light of day this coming year. Or maybe even the next given how long it takes to make these things. Then there are the scripts to a season 3 of my Star Cloud series-a series that, with regards to the first two seasons, I’ve been converting into HD with the majority of those episodes successfully finished. Though I still have episodes 4 and 5 of season 1 to complete. Season 2 was easy as the animation was already fairly stable and I only had to adjust it on the most minimal of levels with new music plugged in just to make it that much more original.

Then I go to manage my facebook page for my Star Cloud/Cosmic Fantasies endeavors and am reminded, once more, that I still have a personal .com account of Cosmic Fantasies to which this blog exists to keep it in play. And yet I’m rarely on here. Why? Because I don’t have a lot to say. I wish I did. But I don’t. I’m not the kind of person who feels the need to constantly be in the spotlight, on the internets, in the public eye just so that I can tell the world just what is on my mind on said particular day. I’m only doing this now because…well, I wanted to post SOMETHING since I haven’t been on in so long. Maybe I’ll do something once a month? On the first? Sure. If I can remember. If I have something to say. So let me get my thoughts out on this year then.

This year…hasn’t sucked as much as other people want to say it has. Everyone around me is looking forward to the new year. Hoping for a better tomorrow than there was a today. Yet, for me, it’s just the present. Sure, we had a presidential election where voters, sick of Washington as it is, voted for a narcissistic lunatic with the truthfulness of a sociopath on a murder rampage. Obviously, I didn’t vote for he who shall not be named. And I do hope he’ll be honest with his supporters and do what he said he’d do. However, I doubt it. He’ll be a Washington insider in no time and, given who he is, won’t show any remorse about it, only say that “I never said that” when all video evidence demonstrates elsewise.

There were some good movies that came out. I liked Batman V Superman (not sure why so many thought it was so horrible but people seem hard to please anymore), and Ghostbusters was good (but it faced a similar backlash as BvS), and Doctor Strange was wonderful (and the public thought so too), and entertainment in general was pretty good. So yeah it wasn’t a retched year. It had problems, but so does every year.

What will next year bring? Well, hopefully, I’ll be able to be as active on Youtube as a I planned this last year. I don’t think I’m going to try to be this ultra popular channel though. Especially since Youtube as altered its mechanics yet again by putting the focus on watch minutes rewarding content makers who have the time to post thirty plus minutes of videos per day, every day, for however long eternity lasts. Yeah, I’m just going to post what amuses me.

So check out my Youtube channel: and check out my facebook page  And maybe I’ll write some more on here.

Happy New Years.

Timothy S Purvis