Okay, I'm just going to release Red Star Sheriff on March 26th, 2020. With the virus on the loose and great uncertainties all around, I just feel it would be best to get the book out there in as soon a manner as possible. The paperback will be along shortly thereafter, though Amazon may not … Continue reading Update

Opinion Time

Curiosity, do you think I should release my book early? Thoughts, opinions, concerns. Leave a comment below. Are you looking forward to it? Haven't a care about it? What do you think? Share your thoughts. ~Timothy S Purvis PS: I was just wondering. Because I'm beginning to think it doesn't matter and people are tired … Continue reading Opinion Time

New Year, New Poem: Writer’s Blues

Okay, if you want to read some of my old poems, head on over to Amazon Kindle and pick up my book of poems entitled 'Misaligned: The Heart Waxes Poetic'. https://www.amazon.com/MIsaligned-Poetic-Collected-Timothy-Purvis-ebook/dp/B01ABDM562/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=misaligned&qid=1582485255&sr=8-3 But now I'm going to move on and start coming up with new ones every so often and maybe even make a collection of … Continue reading New Year, New Poem: Writer’s Blues

Don’t Worry, I’m Not Turning Into The Home Shopping Network…

Well, it's now February. I managed to get three collected works up and completed up on Amazon Kindle. I feel pretty good about that. I hope it wasn't too many at once but I really wanted to get those works up and available. I'm proud of this accomplishment. My three works available are: Misaligned: The … Continue reading Don’t Worry, I’m Not Turning Into The Home Shopping Network…

Tales From A Strange Mind: A Short Story Collection

Now available, since it's still January, my collection of Short Stories. For some reason, the linking of the two offerings (digital and paperback) are not connecting right. So I'm posting both of the offerings. If at all interested, find the publications here: Paperback (Just click on the image): Digital Kindle (Once more, click on the … Continue reading Tales From A Strange Mind: A Short Story Collection