One Year Ago-I Started My New Book

It's been just over a year since I started my new book Red Star Sheriff. By no means was it my first, of course. I've written several books. There was: Left Of Midnight, Mass Effect 3 ReImagined, and several failed projects that I have yet to finish; Cosmic Soup 4 The Superheroic Soul and Destiny: … Continue reading One Year Ago-I Started My New Book


THIS MODERN AGE of ours is a pestilence. It's boring and uninspiring. I say this not because I know where I live but because I know I don't want to live there. We live in the constant threat of terrorist strikes and nuclear obliteration. We live in an age where we have to (HAVE to) … Continue reading THE MODERN DAY IS BORING

The Trump Presidency: How Did We Get HERE?

I have heard a variety of reasons of how we ended up with the current president. Reasons running the gamut from racism to xenophobia. From sexism to destroying Washington. And from what I can tell it’s all of the above. And none of said reasons. You see, for whatever the reason was, it was determined that the only way to solve it was to pull the pin on a giant orange grenade, lob it at Washington, and see what the end result would be.