Oddities In Motion / The Shape of Life: Poetry Time With Tim

Greetings and salutations, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and this is the last poetry post for Poetry Time/Story Time With Tim of the year! Well, I mean, I think I will put up a few extra things as Story Time With Tim but these are the last poems I have available for the time being and I hope you enjoy them. The two poems here have their own special meaning when I wrote them and they’re not fantastic. Yet, were part of my growth as a writer and storyteller. I will go into what they stand for after a short ad of shameless self promotion! It seems to be that if you wish to get anywhere these days, you have to be willing to sell your soul even though you’d rather your own work speak for itself. Well, it can. I just need as many people as possible to go on over there and at least check it all out. Or, of course, look for that donation button at the very end of this post and support the cause!

Alright, if you’re not interested in all of that, though, just scroll past the squiggly lines and check out the rest of my blog post below!



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End Shameless Self Promotion!


Alright, with all of THAT out of the way, let’s get down to it! The first of the two last poems of this year is called Oddities In Motion and is based upon a short story (almost novella) I once wrote called Revelations. I actually already shared it here at one point and you can find it in the archives if you’re curious about it. Just a science fiction story about a man who buys a house that turns out to be possessed by the spirits of former owners. Oh, and he’s wanted for the murder of a police officer whom he swears he never saw before. Yeah, I was dying for poems towards the end of my poetry classes and was definitely clawing at the bottom of the barrel. Anyhow, here it is.

Oddities In Motion

There is an old attic/Where the belching man waits

Such a strange place/This house he’s lost in

A GTO on the balcony/Old Spanish coins on the table

And three levels/Of haunted floor

Where upon the summit top/The portal buzzes readily

Okay, and now you see why I plugged this in with the next poem. It’s just so short and each passage was two lines each. Not the greatest I’ve done but, hey, I’ll take what I can get.

And poem number two of this week is called The Shape Of Life. It’s sort of like my old poem What Is Life? Only much less poetic. Wow, this week is kind of weak. Welp, next week will be a like more interesting I think. Anyhow, this one is about just loving life and enjoying what you have. Nothing complicated. Nothing crazy. It was about this time I started dating my soon to be wife and I was feeling a little less melancholy. Doesn’t do a whole lot for your poetic writing, I tell you what!

Anyhow, here you go.

The Shape Of Life

This Shape

*****Do You See It?

**********The Shape Of Life

****************Can You Feel It?

********************It Speaks Of Wonders.

**********The Wonders Of Life Free From Worry And Pain

********************So That Love And Hope

**************************Are Yours


************Happy In The Knowledge Of Love’s Embrace.

End of the poetry! For, you know, whatever poetry you can consider it, I suppose. Again, I had to use asterisks to forge a close approximation to my original layout of the poem. It was, once again, sort of experimental in that way. For some reason, my formatting in Word never translates on here. Well, save for a few times, but mostly not. Anyhow, I’ll have a few more offerings coming up. However, the end of the year is fast approaching and I think I’ll be taking a break here soon. I’m looking at maybe returning January 7th or the 14th of next year with new material.

I hope you’ve been enjoying so far and thanks for reading my work! I really appreciate it! If you want to donate, simply hit that block below and I’ll read to you all again next week! Take care!

~Timothy S Purvis



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