Contemptible Zealots: Poetry Time With Tim

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to Story Time With Tim; only currently with poems. We’re reaching the end of my old poems as we are fast approaching the end of the year. Starting the New Year, I’ll be posting up a novel for Story Time With Tim that should run throughout the year I think. For now, though, I still have a few more to offer up for you. And then it will be time for the holidays! The years fly so fast.

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Anyhow, this next poem, called Contemptible Zealots (as you can see from the title above!), was another experimental piece of mine. It deals with power and religion and how people are swayed by both. I think it’s still an interesting work though the flow feels a little stiff.

Thanks for reading and read to you again next! Also, hope you’re getting ready for the holiday season! It’s coming on fast and furious!

Contemptible Zealots

What disgusting things

*****These pestilant gnats

*****Screaming they know the thoughts of God

*****Running to and Fro

*****Preaching hope and chaos

*****Because they fear all that is great in Life

*****Seeking salvation

*******What slanderous tongue

**********There is no salvation in what they offer

**********Only cruelty

**********Only suffering

**********The promise of loathing one’s fellow human being

Gods word

*****What do they know?

*****God’s word exists not in their minds

*****Not in their books

*****Not in their sermons

*****Trite murmurings of conquerous foes

*****Preying on weak

*******Easily swayed minds

**********That they may spread warped philosophy

**********Under the guise

**********Of the Messiah come

**********So that power is theirs for the taking


So brings an end to another week of Story Time With Tim! I was forced to use asterisks for the format presentation due to the fact the formatting of the original piece wasn’t working correctly. But, even so, thanks for continuing to read my work and I’ll have another one up next week! See you then!

~Timothy S Purvis



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