Take Two Tuesdays: Star Cloud Season I: Episode I When Muppets Attack

Hello yet again, faithful viewer! This one was posted way back in 2013! It’s the HD version of Star Cloud Episode I When Muppets Attack! This is the YouTube Version but I think I’ll include the main file just beneath it as well as some links to the other postings up on YouTube. Hope you enjoy and I thank you immensely for continuing to watch. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to upload the original file of these videos straight to this site. But, it keeps saying my videos are private if I do so. Therefore, I’ll simply link to where these are available online.

I’ll be posting the rest of my videos moving forward so worry not. I just may need to use YouTube to do it. I hope not. But we shall see. Anyhow, enjoy. And thanks for watching!



The first full episode of my Star Cloud series!

Star Cloud Season I Episode I
When Muppets Attack

Cloud Strife finds himself abducted by space turtles and forced to become the new captain of the Muppet Ship (MS) Dorothy after an unfortunate incident involving the former captain, his ex-lover, and an electric dildo.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more STAR CLOUD! in HD.

Copyright 2007-2013 Cosmic Fantasies and Screaming Cloud Studios

All characters and situations depicted are parody and meant for entertainment purposes only. Any situations or peoples similar to those living, dead, or serious exist purely for satire and/or unintentionally.

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