Prophecy of Ages: Poetry Time With Tim

Welcome back to another week of Story Time With… Nope, that’s right. It’s now Poetry Time With Tim for a few weeks! This week’s offering is a piece I developed based on a storyline I was working on for an animation I never actually completed. I still have the first episode typed up as a script and may put that one up sometime down the road. For now, this was a poem of sorts written to explain a little background (through myth and legend, of course) of the world of the story I’d been developing: Nebulous. I still want to get back to that tale someday. But I have lot to focus on right now.

You’ll notice that I may not reference things going on in other parts of this blog or not talk about new releases. And that’s because I do put these up in advance so that I can focus on other writing endeavors either to post up here or put up on my personal author’s page on Kindle. But when I do have a new project coming to light I certainly do try to get the word out via an independent posting. So, look for those other posts for that word.

For now, I hope you enjoy this little semi-ancient poem about the world of Nebulous.



Ancient mechanisms resound with sorrow / That which was hidden deep within the gulch / Defended against the cosmic fiery mulch / Resonating in legend far into tomorrow

Brilliant sheen of lost heavenly soul / Massive forge, its secret birth untold / Hull vivid and transcendent in teeming gold / To return through time til Heaven’s goal

Inferno’s blaze, hampering the prophet’s march / Contingent plans fall far, fall apart / Once through the gate, there is no road to the start / Resolve weakened, discarded, throttled throat is parch

Tiamat spins, half of her no longer whole / Returning tyrant shall break her hold / Shadowy depths will deliver the hidden mold / Then begins sacred battle of the prophet’s role


Another week come and gone. You know, this piece, upon rereading it and focus on the format it comes originally, really showcases how the formatting here on WordPress is a little wonky. There are four paragraphs with four lines each in the original work that is supposed to be balanced out by the representation of the phases of each topic per paragraph. Yet, here, I have to use the backslash to indicate where the sentences divide. I should probably make a PDF of them or something… Nah, that wouldn’t look very good on here. So, I suppose I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing despite the issues. Or, maybe, figure out another way to post.

We shall see. Anyhow, thank you so very much for continuing to drop by and read my work! And for those of you who go to my page on Amazon and actually purchase my work for yourself, thank you as well! I appreciate the support! I hope to have more available soon, so stay tuned!

~Timothy S Purvis

Since you’re still here, why not head on over to my author’s page on Amazon Kindle and see what all I have for purchase? I have quite a bit up. I even offered up some of my short stories (collected in some of the books) as independent downloads that are often only 99¢ on Kindle! Just click on my name and you’ll be taken there straightaway via the link–> Timothy S Purvis

Also, if you liked this poem, you can find a collection of all of them at this link below:


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