Take Two Tuesdays: Some Animal Videos

Greetings and salutations, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and we’re fast approaching the end of this series. Mostly because I think most of the other videos I’ve made are less about independent creation than they are trying to build a following. These have been the most original things I’ve done over time. This week’s offering deals with some of my issues while living at home with my mom. She had this penchant for collection animals: dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. As result, I recorded these two videos to show how crazy the house was getting with the legion of creatures living inside the home. I shortly moved out but I thought it was important to show how messed up it really was. Mom would never get rid of her animals because she was just obsessed with saving creatures. When these were made, she had: 20 birds, 14 cats, and 16 dogs. All of them inside. The door you see at the end of the stairwell leading from my room was built by me to keep the dogs away from my cats. The other wooden doors in the dining room were courtesy of my step father to keep the multiple Newfies in one room. This despite we had a backyard that was fairly large.

Anyhow, this footage is fairly disturbing even though I was trying to make it funny. The first one has quick cuts as a result of the rendition process. I don’t know where the original footage is so I can’t correct it. But, I had the first video being called the New Puppy and it was supposed to be funny but the title cards are just too quick to read as a result and I’ll have to see if I can find what happened to that original material. The second video is called The Most Frightening Things showcasing just how horrible the dining room became as a result of having all of those Newfie Labrador hybrids living inside the house because mom refused to leave them out in the doghouses.

Oy. Anyhow how you find something of use out of this and know that it’s been a good thirteen years since this happened and I believe the dogs are being taken care of a bit better now. So, without further adieu, here are these original YouTube videos about horrible conditions and animal welfare. Onward!

The New Puppy. Mom got yet another dog to go with all the other dogs she’d already had. Ten puppies of Newfie/Labrador, Labrador, Adult Newfoundland, the Jack Russel Terrier, two Yorkshire terriers, a chihuahua, a Besenji, and a few mutts I don’t recall.
The Most Frightening Things is about me being trapped in my bedroom with my cats and figuring out a way to keep all the dogs out of the stairwell. They’d get up to the top and try to break in and leave… uhm… big piles of messes right outside my door. Also, my infant son was in the bedroom to the back on the third floor. I moved out shortly after this nonsense because my mother refused to listen to my thoughts on the issue.

Alright, that brings an end to another week of video offerings and I hope you found it… enlightening. Come back next week. There should still be a few weeks left of videos and I thank you for continuing to watch. See you all again soon and I’m glad I’m out of that cesspool of abuse!

~Timothy S Purvis

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