Believe it or not, Yes, I’m still here

Wooo! I don’t know how people manage to do it! I don’t know how people manage to have a full time job (such as myself) and are able to keep up with a blog! I mean, I’m working on my book still so that’s been keeping me fairly occupied. But to put daily work into a blog… man. Mad props to those people. As for myself, as I said, I’m still working on my book. The good thing is, though, I’m nearing the completion of it and its final form. I think. Just a few more chapters, and I’ll have my final read ready to go and I should be able to start looking for an agent come fall. I still need to have a group of beta readers I managed to put together give it a good read through to tell me if the story holds water. If all goes as planned, by the end of this month it will be ready to find a publisher! Woo-weee!

It’s a tough road, though. Trying to put together a first major effort at building a novel. I’ve written three novels before, of course, but I’ve never tried to find a publisher. I’ve got something like forty short stories I’ve ever written and only the one short story published in a Turkish magazine courtesy of a translation by my penpal there. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to get a short story in the North American market! One can dream. So I suppose the best thing to do is just keep chugging along and pushing for that final result. Then I can concentrate on those short stories. I have something like six in the works. I can also begin work on my follow up to my novel. Well, I guess I already have that going too. I only have three chapters done though. Been focusing more on the first novel, make an impression and all that.

I’ve thought about trying my hand at voice acting lately. However, the websites I’ve been trying through have been giving me technical issues on putting my audition material up. It’s such an odd thing. Yet, not something that is at the forefront of my attention. Mostly because I just do voice work because I enjoy it and not because I’m trying to profit from it. Though, that would be cool in and of itself. I’m hoping next month I can start getting into the process of writing as I find it to be. Mostly, I just write like mad and type it up (I do a lot of longhand first and then type it into my computer. It just feels more comfortable to me–well, aside from the hand cramps, of course).

This has been my update. Thanks for reading and hanging around even though my production of relatable material is sporadic at best. Perhaps that will change come September. If I can pull off something on the first, the fifteenth, and the last day of the month, I’ll be doing good. But, for now, adieu. I have much work to do and so little time to do it in! Tomorrow, I have to work 10 to 6 or 7 whichever comes first. Then I have housework. If I’m lucky, I’ll get some writing done on lunch and in the evening. Timing, timing, timing.

Take it easy and thanks again.

~Timothy S Purvis

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