New Year, New Poem: Writer’s Blues

Okay, if you want to read some of my old poems, head on over to Amazon Kindle and pick up my book of poems entitled ‘Misaligned: The Heart Waxes Poetic’.

But now I’m going to move on and start coming up with new ones every so often and maybe even make a collection of them for another book in the future! We shall see. For now, let me see what I can come up with just for you kind people. I’m working on some other material right now so I may have something more to post about coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Once upon a time, I had a need

A need that spoke of that written word

That word that is the driving soul of any writer

It sinks into the flesh, the heart, the mind

Never letting up until the final work as been proven true


The characters speak, the words take life

To spin a yarn that transports readers, and viewers, and the eager

Seeking new worlds, and new civilizations, and new places to call home

Wherein our deepest dreams harbor the most sacred of secrets

That everything we write is an aspect of our own desires


We hope, we pray, we strive, we lie

And too often we find ourselves held back

Stripped of our need, becoming our suffering

Seeing that what we have to share is dismissed and ignored

Yet still we thrive, still we endeavor, still we post and the pen strikes


The paper and the display show us our true selves

A reflection of the heart’s desire

A world we sometimes wish to live within

Is too often the world that captures us and refuses to let go

As we are too invested in that time, those people, our own hopes


To share is to expose

How heartrending is it when that exposing is dismissed

Because it doesn’t mark the intrigue and alert nature of our world

As in the end others concern themselves only with themselves

And the writer is left with finding and fulfilling the means to their needs

Thanks for swinging in to take a read. This was a flow of consciousness and less about rhyme or reason because life… isn’t always so neat. Hope you enjoyed! Come back later to see what more I have to offer!

~Timothy S Purvis

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