The New World Order

I’ve been wondering lately about something. Do we still need nations? We’re so divided as a species that we’re all constantly warring with one another over “sovereignty” and “statehood” yet we refuse to be concerned with the issues of others who are not ourselves. This leads to the very real threat of global violence on a scale we’ve never seen before. The fascist tendencies of our administration in the US has isolated us already from many diplomatic connections the world over. I mean, how much power does the UN have anymore themselves? There are five veto wielding members of the UN: The US, Russia, France, the UK, and China. Anyone of those entities can basically at a moment’s notice tell the world to go screw itself and no one can say anything about it.

Iran still seems obsessed with controlling the Middle East agenda. As does Saudi Arabia. North Korea seems to think it’s a real threat to the world while China wants to dominate Asia. The UK voted to leave the EU in the vain conceit that somehow they don’t need the rest of Europe. Africa has always been a hotbed of warlords. Russia is flexing its muscles yet again to show that they’re still relevant. Mexico is in a tiff with the US over the border wall. And ISIS STILL thinks they can establish a caliphate in the middle of territories controlled by multiple governments.

But to what end?

Where does this get ANYBODY?? Are any of us safe? 

Trump keeps spewing rhetoric out of his ass as if he actually gives a damn about anyone other than himself about “making America safe again” or even “Great Again” as if this country has never ever been the backbone of trying to establish some sort of global cooperative that wasn’t just about itself.

And no I’m not excusing the poor behavior America has engaged in in the past. Because, let’s face it, we’ve done fucked up on a number of issues but we at least TRIED in the past to be better than the stupid shit we’ve done. And for one brief moment throughout the late nineties we ALL looked to be becoming a global community finally. After at least a dozen wars worldwide over the last century (oh that’s just what I can think of! I’m sure it’s as high as 40 or more easily!) we’re no closer to being an actual global community than we were since. We all gave up! We listened to our leaders who just wanted to get into an epic dick measuring contest with each other across the world! AND FOR WHAT!?! WHAT ARE WE GETTING OUT OF IT!?! HOW ARE WE BENEFITING FROM ALL THIS CARNAGE!??!

We’re not! Religious wars, oil wars, territory wars, border wars, immigrant wars, hate wars, spite wars, economic wars, climate wars…it just doesn’t fucking end! And whenever you bring up a global government that might be able to bring some sort of hope to the destitute survivors of constant war, you have some assholes spouting nonsense about global conspiracies trying to control the populace! It’s too much! Any sane mind has to ask “why?” Why are we doing this to ourselves? What’s the point of nationalism when nations keep changing and borders keep getting redrawn? Will there ever be a time when we can just put down our arms and look to exploration again? When we can thrive together in a cooperative to preserve our societies and ensure that no one is left behind? Must there always be conflict? 

I see the hate in my own nation. See people turning against each other because of political diatribes and dubious ideologies. We’re all so up our own asses about our own beliefs that we’ve stopped being concerned about how our neighbors are doing. And this is because too often even our neighbors are out to get us! How have we survived this long as a species!?

This has become more than a rant than anything but I need to get this off my chest. I no longer care about nations. I care in being Terran. This is our world. We our ONE species. The color of our skin is meaningless. But the test of our character is eternal. 

I look to stories told such as Mass Effect and see a glimmer of hope in the writing that people want to see a better tomorrow. Want to see our species reach for the stars and to coordinate our efforts to be better than the sum of our parts. That we’re not just the rhetoric of our leaders, but that we, as humanity, have a place in this galaxy. We must be driven to be a United Earth. One that will not put up with mutually assured destruction as a defensive mechanism. That we can protect ourselves from the natural threats present in our solar system and that we can settle Mars. And the moon. And Titan. And even Pluto. That we will work together to solve our problems as a world. As Terrans. Not as individual nations selfishly trying to destroy one another. Because if we can’t…then we don’t exist. And that might be okay from those arrogant SOBs who profess to be looking out for our best interests, but it can’t be okay for our species.

We have to give up our notions of boundaries and focus our efforts on those who would strike out against us. Because those who want to control us (criminals, terrorists, xenophobes, racists, tyrants, imbeciles) don’t represent the best of our kind. They only represent the worst of the individual. And no nation is an individual. It’s made up of a world of people.

So let’s stop being individuals. And start being a world. Because then and only then will we truly be great.


What Is the State of This Nation?

What the hell is wrong with this country? In the last few years, I’ve asked this question so many times I’ve lost count. It seems like, for me, that over the last decade and a half, our values of decency and commitment to justice have taken a plunge as our need to be right and to feel ideological fulfilled have taken over. In this last year alone, women’s rights are under assault, the voters rights act has had a significant marker in it ruled unconstitutional, a beautiful city has been bombed, gun ownership activism has exploded, and now one George Zimmerman has been ruled innocent of murdering a young man. I’m beginning to wonder if there is any compassion left in this nation.

You can’t even comment on comment boards without a steady stream of hate laced profanities (cursing or not, the things these people say are profane) labeling you an idiot for expressing your views. I remember how we were on the way to a global community back in the ’90’s and everyone seemed so accepting of everyone else. Then 2001 comes along where a group of right wing lunatics attacks us where we’re most vulnerable and suddenly we take on the attitude that everyone is horrible and we shouldn’t have anything more to do with them. Ideological divides worsen, we keep electing tyrants into office who have only their own interests, and those of their richest constituents, at heart.

What happened to scientific advancement? Apparently it’s dead because NASA keeps getting the most important scientific missions scrapped due to budget restrictions from Washington. Who needs science, right? It didn’t give us cell phones, or better battery lifespans for our vehicles or fun little gadgets. It didn’t provide us with ways to make our food safer to consume or give us better defenses from new and unusual diseases. When did space science ever enrich our nation? Certainly not with satellite technology or improved synthetic materials for clothing or enhance our communications networks. Nah, none of that. No, here’s what we really need to do: give more money to our armed forces because they obviously need more toys to play with. OH WAIT! The pentagon specifically said that they DON”T WANT more expensive ships and equipment because they already have a surplus! Ah, but what do they know. They’re just a bunch of grunts who don’t think.

And while we’re on defending our country, let’s make MORE guns MORE easily accessible to the public! Because THAT will solve our ongoing violence problem. Let’s make sure everyone and their nanny are packin’ heat as we never know when we’re going to have to make a last stand against a school shooter or a zombie horde. In case you haven’t realized yet, I’m being rather flippant about the whole state of our nation.

I do believe in a second amendment right to bear arms. But I also recognize that the amendment was drafted as a concession to states who were weary of being federalized under the umbrella of a strong central government. They keep their militias, and the government doesn’t form a standing army. But then they did and the amendment lost its necessity. Yet we kept it around so that people could defend themselves. But apparently that means the public has a right to military grade hardware as well. Sigh.  I’m rambling now. I’m just furious at how this nation is turning out. Furious at how states are fighting to prevent women from having access to proper medical care all because of some far right wing ideal that abortions are immoral. It’s none of their business! How about cramming your beliefs down my throat?! Isn’t that immoral? Or is it because it’s your morals and not mine that therefore you’re more correct because it’s YOU!?

Remember the whole ‘pursuit of happiness’ ideal that we used to expunge so much years ago? Well right now it seems like the only people allowed to pursue their happiness are those on the fringe elements of our society. And guess what? They’re winning. They’re winning because the vast majority of America is fed up with our political institutions. We have no more faith that congress can pass a law that isn’t asinine or even do something useful. We’re fed up with the presidency being the choice between two turds. We’re tired of the ideological arguments continually being waged and have taken a step back to let them fight it out. But whoever wins that war, we all lose. Because our voices are not being heard over the hyperbole and the hate speech. The same nonsense that is being spewed all across the web. The same nonsense we hear from our supposed leaders. The same nonsense we hear even when we go to the damned store!

There’s at least one good thing that came about this year: same sex marriage. For every two steps back, I guess we take one step forward. But even that good thing is being met by a wave of hate and prejudice. I hate to break it to the haters, no wait–I don’t hate to, so I will, same sex marriage will NOT void traditional marriage. It just opens the gates to more people having the option to be married. It’s not the end of the world. So haters, stop trying to disenfranchise voters, stop hatin on the gay community just because they want to love someone, stop trying to turn this nation back to the wild wild west (because that didn’t work out so well the first time), and for the love of GOD stop saying this is a CHRISTIAN country and THEN turning around and saying poor people are leeches that don’t need to be protected! Because, news flash, that’s what Christianity is all about: protecting the needy! Good Christians don’t give all their money to rich people who will turn around and screw the nation. 

Seriously, what is going on in this nation?