How My Book Is Coming

I'm in the endgame now! Got through two thirds of my narrative, rewritten significant portions of the story, cleaned up plot holes, and strengthened character arcs! I'm enjoying the process and pleased with how the final story is coming along. By the end of August, I think, all will be said and gone. Soon, I … Continue reading How My Book Is Coming


That’s What He Said…

So, one of my least favorite authors is Chuck Wendig. Mostly because how he writes is a slow string of wording that dribbles on for too long and makes for a frustrating read. Let me offer up an example of what I'm talking about from the novel Star Wars: Aftermath. I will write the first … Continue reading That’s What He Said…

Beta Reading For Someone Can Be A Challenge

Over the last half a year I've been reading a lot of other writer's works. I have a method I like to employ when critiquing a work of literature (I wrote about that last month and what it means to be a critiquer, which you can check out here: What I focus on is … Continue reading Beta Reading For Someone Can Be A Challenge