A Haiku: Too Much To Drink

And now a new haiku. Inspired by too many mornings waking up with a raging hangover. Not that that is true for today, but the headache is no less real! Enjoy! Raging pounding strong Spirits reminding of tolls The floor seems comfy Thanks for reading! ~Timothy S Purvis

New Year, New Poem: Writer’s Blues

Okay, if you want to read some of my old poems, head on over to Amazon Kindle and pick up my book of poems entitled 'Misaligned: The Heart Waxes Poetic'. https://www.amazon.com/MIsaligned-Poetic-Collected-Timothy-Purvis-ebook/dp/B01ABDM562/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=misaligned&qid=1582485255&sr=8-3 But now I'm going to move on and start coming up with new ones every so often and maybe even make a collection of … Continue reading New Year, New Poem: Writer’s Blues