These Are Strange Days

So, it's been a few months since I last posted. I believe March was the last time and that was when I decided to release my novel early due to the looming Coronavirus outbreak. And here we are, two months into this chaotic pandemic and it doesn't look like it'll truly be letting up anytime … Continue reading These Are Strange Days

What Do You Do When No One Wants To Read Your Work?

I'm sure nobody here has ever had that problem. Chances are, you all have hundreds of readers every day and no fits and seizures ever affect your bottom line. And that is awesome! Amazing! Impressive! Awe inspiring! Yet, there are those of us who, for some reason, fail to resonate with more than a few … Continue reading What Do You Do When No One Wants To Read Your Work?


A BIZARRE THOUGHT crept into my head today. The thought was preceded by a notion. With all our great potential, we still need another million years or so before we're fit to be an intergalactic civilization. Aliens avoid our world (for the most part) because we're little more than animals. Smart animals but animals nonetheless. … Continue reading WE’RE NOT ALONE, THEY’RE JUST AS STUPID AS US

The Trump Presidency: How Did We Get HERE?

I have heard a variety of reasons of how we ended up with the current president. Reasons running the gamut from racism to xenophobia. From sexism to destroying Washington. And from what I can tell it’s all of the above. And none of said reasons. You see, for whatever the reason was, it was determined that the only way to solve it was to pull the pin on a giant orange grenade, lob it at Washington, and see what the end result would be.