Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined Chapter Fifteen: Story Time With Tim

Hello again, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and this is the next installment of my fan story Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined I wrote for my wife Christmas 2013. Mostly because of how disappointed we were with those final fifteen minutes of the game. Of course, it was difficult to rewrite without changing the entire story. Which might be why the developers went with the asinine ending they went with. Even so I think I came up with something amusing and special. So I’m sharing it here.

No, I didn’t edit it any. Mostly because it IS a fan story and I have other things to do. So, you’ll just have to be content with the unedited insanity that is my rewrite of the game. There are grammatical errors. There are inconsistencies with the plot. There are moments that will make you go, ‘What?’ But, in my defense, it’s no worse than what Bioware gave us back in 2012. So take that Triple A Developers!

Anyhow, here is chapter fifteen of the book.

(PS: Yes, I will be copy pasting this text. Pretty much because there’re a lot of chapters to post and my days get pretty full sometimes. Plus I’m also posting these in advance through the scheduling feature so you’ll get something to read every week! Feel free to skip these beginning segments and just get straight to the chapter if you’ve been reading along. Or, if you like what you read, start from the beginning! Alright, until next week!)






Garrus exits the transport and heads across the Presidium Pavilion towards the embassies. Strangely, ever since Admiral Anderson stepped down from being a Citadel Councilor, the human embassy on the Presidium hasn’t been used much. However, as it stands, the new councilor, Udina, occasionally uses the old embassy suite for purposes of convenience when meetings with the rest of the Council are close at hand. And this is one of those times when Udina is in the old embassy suite.

     “Is the human councilor in the embassy currently?” Garrus inquires of the receptionist.

     The young asari woman looks up at him and smiles, “Actually he is. There is a Council meeting scheduled in about twenty minutes.”

     “Great. Any idea why he has offices up a few levels now?”

     “It was decided to give the human embassies more accessibility. Given the expanded human operations on the Citadel since the geth attack, it was felt that extending the human embassies into several sections over three levels was a wise course of action.”

     “I see. And that didn’t ruffle any feathers?”

     “I’m not a gossiper but I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out the logical outcome of that question.”

     She smiles as Garrus nods, “Right. I’d better go see Udina then.”

     She goes back to her reports while Garrus walks up the incline towards the lower human embassy suite. He enters a doorway and turns right. Straight ahead he sees the elcor and volus embassy. There is one volus standing in the doorway just staring down the hallway. He seems oblivious to Garrus as he approaches the old human embassy. Garrus nods with a slight wave at the volus but the volus says nothing and does nothing. He just stares down the hallway from where Garrus had come from.

     Garrus quirks his brows and turns toward the human embassy. Entering, he finds Udina standing behind his desk quickly going through files on his desktop computer. The man looks up as Garrus enters and frowns.

     “Yes? What is it? I’ve got a lot to do!”

     “Councilor Udina. It’s me, Garrus Vakarian. One of—“

     “Yes, yes. One of Shepard’s crew. Is there something I can do for you?”

     The man doesn’t look up and continues hitting icons on the computer screen. Garrus shakes his head and ignores the man’s inhospitality.

     “Councilor, I’m trying to locate Commander Shepard. We got separated when I was injured on Palaven. I’ve tried tracking her down, but she seems to have vanished. I tracked her to the Harsa system. However, she left after altering the IFF of the Harsa Relay.”

     Udina looks up and furrows his brows, “She altered the Harsa Relay IFF? Why?”

     “I, I couldn’t tell you. Only, all the Reapers in system were destroyed. I can’t explain it.”

     “Hmmm, yes,” Udina growls and raises a hand to his chin and seems to fall deep into thought. “That would be an efficient means of escape.”

     “How is that, councilor?”

     Udina  glares at Garrus, “This is hardly the place to go into those details. I don’t know where Shepard went! However, if you give me some time, I may be able to dig something up. Come back in about three hours and hopefully I’ll have an answer for you. As it is, I need to get to my meeting. If you’ll excuse me.”

     Udina brushes past Garrus and exits the office. Garrus stands alone in the middle of the room pondering what his next course of action should be and sighs to himself.

     Nice man. Just leave a guest in your offices alone as you wander off to your next conquest. Gotcha. So what now? If he knows something, he isn’t saying anything yet, Garrus frowns and walks over to the balcony overlooking the Presidium Commons below and leans on the railing. I could always go see Bailey. He has an ear to the ground in matters like this. Yeah. Elsewise, I’ve got nothing.

     Several vehicles fly by in the skyway encircling the inner ring of the Citadel. Below them, vast expanses of gardens and lakes span out towards where the rings disappear into the curve of the rings going up and around. Dozens of building structures line the walls, civilians go about their daily lives, and a cool wind caresses Garrus’s face. He closes his eyes and takes a moment to just enjoy the calm.

     Feel like I’ve been fighting one war after the next and haven’t even stopped to just…veg. I think that’s what I’ve heard humans say. Veg. Vegetate? Act like a vegetable? he opens his eyes and puckers his lips. Why would one act like a vegetable? To do nothing? Humans have such weird expressions.

     After a moment he pushes up off the railing and slaps the palms of his hands on the railing tops. Then with a sharp exhale turns to leave Udina’s old office to head up two levels to where Commander Bailey’s office rests.





Udina enters the Council Chambers from the side of the room and sees Telvos, Sparatus, and Valern arriving at the podiums. They are talking in low tones and don’t seem to notice his arrival. At the bridge way slightly below the Council podiums stand three individuals of political stature who likely have some business with the councilors.

     Great. Too much to do and some losers are wasting our time! What do they want?! Bargaining rights for alien politicians in export operations? To bitch about how many humans are here?! Well, you’ll be in for a surprise cretins!

     He glares at the two turians and the salarian yes-man between them. Udina takes his place and Sparatus nods at him acknowledging his presence.

     My how kind of you!

     Valern motions to Telvos that Udina has arrived and she smiles with a nod. Telvos motions to the delegates before her.

     “This session is in order. Senator Darus, what can this Council do for you today?”

     The turian senator Darus nods towards councilor Telvos and clears his throat, “Councilor Telvos, I bring before you a most urgent matter. Though I wonder if the human councilor will be concerned with it. It is a matter of security in the lower wards. There is an influx of refugees pouring into the wards with no housing regulations being granted towards them. The human dominated C-Sec seems incapable of mitigating these circumstances leading to an increase in cross species conflicts. A requisition for more turian and asari C-Sec personnel to help with the influx has gone ignored by C-Sec for far too long. And I—“

     “Senator,” Telvos raises her hand. “This is a matter best left to C-Sec to resolve. The Council is for affairs involving interspecies issues on a galactic level.”

     “Councilor, with the issues plaguing our wards, with the thousands of refugees, with the arrogance of the humans in our midsts, there is no satisfactory resolution to be found with this current C-Sec office.”

     “This is nonsense!” Udina says. “There are plenty of C-Sec personnel members who aren’t human that can address this issue! Why is the senator wasting our time with this!?”

     Senator Darus glares at Udina, “Were your human peons capable of actually policing the wards, there would be no issues.”

     “You would have issues regardless simply because humans are present! Your bias shows brightly, senator!”

     Sparatus intervenes, “Gentlemen, please. What would you have the Council do? C-Sec has its procedures. You must go through the proper channels—“

     “Proper channels?!” Darus cries out. “Executor Pallin was murdered by a human!”

     “Senator, you exaggerate,” Councilor Valern says. “Detective Bailey was forced to defend himself against the Executor when questions were raised about his activities on the Citadel. From what I understand, the new Executor, Chellik, is a turian who has managed to bring stability back into the C-Sec ranks.”

     “Chellik, bah!” Darus spits. “He’s no more than a puppet to the humans who are slowly seizing the Citadel for themselves! If we continue to allow the humans free reign, they will become the dominate force in the galaxy!”

     “I have heard enough!” Udina shouts. “Everytime there is an issue that the politicians on this station have, it is always humans who they blame! We have shown ourselves capable and trustworthy! Perhaps if your prejudice would stop getting in the way—“

     “MY prejudice!? How absurd! I’ve seen how your kind acts towards the other species on the Citadel and I’m not—“

     An explosion rocks the Presidium spire and the Council braces their hands on the railing before them. Telvos looks to the rest in shock.

     “What was that?”

     They hear screams coming from the end of the Presidium chamber and gunfire erupting from where the lifts rest.

     “Councilors,” Udina begins. “I believe it is high time we brought this session to rest and evacuate the chambers.”

     Telvos nods as Sparatus and Valern lead the way to the Council quarters located beyond the barricaded section of the Council Chambers. Darus and his associates beat a hasty retreat towards the transport hub just beyond the chamber proper.

     As the councilors enter the Council quarters, Udina pushes forward.

     “I have safe transport away from the main Presidium. We can get to the Destiny Ascension while C-Sec works out what’s going on.”

     “Udina,” Telvos slows and stares at him. “There are serious questions being raised about C-Sec recently. I don’t know that we can even trust them anymore.”

     “Why, because they’re mostly human? Stop being absurd! Darus has no grounds for suspicions! Humanity has stepped up when no one else would recognize the threat posed by the reapers!”

     Sparatus shakes his head, “I believe you were one of those casting doubt over the existence of the reapers as well, Udina.”

     “Regardless of my personal feelings, Shepard, a human, has been tracking down the reaper threat and looking for ways to counter it! She’s out there right now finding a weapon to use against those monstrosities!”

     “All of this is irrelevant!” Valern interjects. “We are under attack by someone and it is obviously NOT reapers! They entered and opened fire! Let us get to the Ascension and then argue over the merits of reapers and humans.”

     “I concur,” Sparatus nods.

     Telvos frowns but doesn’t argue.

     “Good. My personal transport is this way.”

     The councilors follow Udina out of the Council quarters and down a long hall.

Garrus rushes towards the sounds of conflict and runs into Ashley Williams who stares at him incredulously.

     “Vakarian? What are you doing here?”

     “Came to talk to Udina to find out what happened to Genevieve.”

     “Shit do you have poor timing,” Ashley says and cocks her weapon. “We’re being invaded from within the Citadel. Three levels are under attack with the brunt of the assaulters going after the Council. I’m on my way to the Presidium now. Feel like a fight?”

     “You certainly do know your way to a man’s heart. Yeah, good thing I brought a sidearm.”

     “Let’s see if we can find you a plasma rifle. Last I remember that was your number one weapon of choice.”

     “Actually, I’ve become more accustomed to sniper rifles in the last few years. Nothing better than snipin’ a baddie from five hundred yards away.”

     “Ha! I like your style, Garrus! We probably won’t have room to maneuver with a snipe though.”

     They rush down a long hall and into the Presidium streets where hundreds of people run away from gunfire. Ashley and Garrus round the corner and take a peek.

     “What the fuck!?” Ashley says and turns to look at Garrus, fear etched deep in her eyes.

     “Who is it? Don’t tell me Cerberus is making an assault on the Citadel.”

     It takes Ash a long moment before she can speak, “No…it’s…Alliance soldiers.”


     Garrus jumps out of cover and towards the edge of the walkway overhanging the lake below. He looks over the edge keeping his weapon at hand and sees Alliance troops fighting their way into the Presidium Council Tower.


     Ashley places the top of her rifle to her forehead and looks panicked.

     “Ashley,” Garrus says. “We need to make a choice. Now. Do we fight?”

     “This is horseshit!” she shouts and runs out of cover and towards half a dozen Alliance Marines.

     She points her weapon as they see her coming and turn to engage her. Ashley ducks behind an advertisement display and shouts out.

     “Drop your weapons, marines! This is an illegal breach of Citadel space! State what you are doing here!”

     The marines say nothing and open fire on her position.

     “Fuck!” Ashley shouts and ducks behind a metal block where a transport typically rests.

     “Ash!” Garrus shouts and opens fire at the marines who duck out of the way.

     Garrus pushes forward and assists Ashley in getting away from the conflict. They both come around and find more marines pouring in. They fire at several but the marines evade and take firing postures.

     “What’s the call, Williams!?”

     “Drop em!”

     They push from cover to cover taking down several marines and finding themselves getting surrounded from flanking positions.

     “This isn’t good!”

     “Come on! We need to get to the Council!” Ashley shouts.

     “We’re not going in that way!”

     “I know a back door. Spectre access.”

     “After you.”

     They fight their way through a forward team and past a section of shops until they are rushing down a corridor towards an access way that only Spectres can enter. Garrus follows Ashley through and she locks the way behind them. They can hear shouting following after them.

     “There’s no way they’re coming up this way. This is a particular alloy immune to even the most lethal blasting gels.”

     “Good work. Now let’s see if we can get some answers.”

     “Hopefully they’ll know something.”


Commander Bailey ducks behind a console and takes pot shots every so often with other members of C-Sec as Alliance marines lay down intense fire from the end of the corridor.

     “What the hell is the Alliance doing here!?” a turian detective yells out over the din of battle.

     “Shit if I know,” Bailey responds. “Didn’t answer any of my questions when I asked. Just pointed and started shooting!”

     “You think the Alliance is trying to take the Citadel?!”

     “Fuck, Ecsin, I couldn’t tell ya! Too high above my pay grade!”

     “Not tempted to join them?!”

     “I answer to the Council, not the Alliance! Whatever they’re up to, it’s not sanctioned!”

     They hear marines pushing forward into the corridor and try to fire at them to hold them at bay. However, suppressing fire comes right back at them.

     “Ecsin! Fall back! We need to rally as many officers as possible and try to drive them back!”

     “The fucking Alliance!? There’s no goddamn way!”

     “That’s the spirit! Stay positive!”

     Ecsin rolls his eyes and the two of them fall back towards the offices and join other C-Sec members in retreating away from the oncoming Alliance soldiers. Shots fell several of their members as they rush into a perpendicular hallway and hurry towards the armory.

     They feel the Citadel lurch under the onslaught of weapons discharge.

     “That felt like dreadnought cannons!” Bailey shouts as they make it to the armory and open it up to start handing out the massive guns to the C-Sec officers rushing into the room to assist.

     “The Alliance fleet then!” Ecsin shakes his head. “We should just surrender now!”

     “Stow that talk, detective! When the Council tells us to stand down, we will stand down! Not before then!”

     “Yes sir, commander!”

     The remaining C-Sec personnel check their rifles and exit the rear of the complex heading towards the Council chambers. As they rush out into another corridor, the Citadel shakes again. They see Executor Chellik rushing up to them.

     “Commander Bailey! Good to see you haven’t run off with the Alliance!”

     “My post is here, executor! How’s it looking on the rest of the Citadel?”

     “Looks like Alliance marines have infiltrated four levels of the Presidium. They’ve taken the Council Tower but the Council is en route to the Ascension! Udina is leading them…but…Bailey. Therein lies our problem.”

     “Lay it on me, executor.”

     “Our new security measures are working great,” Chellik says as they hurry down the hall.

     “Yeah, I can see that.”

     “Don’t be a smartass! What we’re dealing with here is the compliment of two Alliance warships that docked a few hours ago! That was completely legal until the marines unloaded into a nightmare purge! No, the security measures we implemented gave us some unique intel,” Chellik continues. “We’ve been monitoring outgoing comms for the last few months since the Pallin affair. Since then, Councilor Udina has been in frequent contact with one Admiral Lykins of the Alliance Seventh Fleet.”

     “The name sounds somewhat familiar. But I don’t know him. I don’t see what the issue with that is.”

     “It’s odd in that the comms are relayed through a Cerberus network. Very difficult to decipher but we discovered blueprints in the feeds similar to what is used on Omega and the Cerberus operatives we know of operating from there!”

     Bailey slows down and looks to Chellik while C-Sec officers secure the bunker they’ve entered.

     “Are you suggesting that Udina is working for Cerberus? He hates them with a passion!”

     “I don’t know all the details. But the two warships docked here are from the Seventh.”

     Bailey frowns deeply and looks at the floor, “Goddamnit…That doesn’t look good. If Udina is leading the Council to ‘safety’ then we’d better go make sure that they’re actually safe.”

     “I’m with you.”

     “Ecsin. I want you to gather several squads together to hold this bunker and the parallel junction points on this level. Do everything in your power to keep those soldiers from penetrating this section!”

     “Yes, commander!”

     Bailey and Chellik hurry off through the back of the bunker and towards the Presidium backways.


Beyond the Citadel exterior, the two Alliance dreadnoughts have released their moorings and taken a close proximity orbit from where they bombard the Presidium interior. Four turian frigates head towards the dreadnoughts and open fire. One of the dreadnoughts peels away and fires upon the newly arrived vessels. In the background, the Destiny Ascension slowly maneuvers towards the Presidium spire jetting out from the center of the Citadel.


Garrus and Ashley hurry through the backway catwalks leading towards the private transportation shuttles of the Council members. They feel the Citadel Presidium rocking under attacks and have to grab the railing several times as they maintain their balance on the walkways.

     “So…Genevieve is in quarian space now?”

     “Yeah, that’s what the reports coming from Spectre operatives are saying. I think Udina knows about it but his comms systems are all blacked out and I couldn’t get through to him when I discovered where she was before all this went down. He keeps to himself mostly.”

     “…He told me he didn’t know where she was but would find out when he got the time.”

     “Huh, well maybe he wasn’t sure when you asked him. I’m just guessing here. We can ask him about it after the Council is safe.”

     “Oh I’ll ask him all right.”

     “Williams! Vakarian!” a voice calls out and they see two men approaching them from an adjoining catwalk.

     “Bailey! Chellik!” Garrus responds as he and Ashley meet up with the two men. “What the hell is going on? Why’s the Alliance striking at the Citadel?!”

     “I would say it isn’t the Alliance,” Bailey replies. “If it were, they would have brought a lot more than just two ships.”

     “Agreed. But politically speaking, this is a nightmare.”

     Bailey looks to Chellik and shakes his head, “To hell with politics right now. We’ve got to get to the Council before Udina does whatever it is he has planned.”

     “What?!” Ashley steps forward with concern. “What is Udina doing?!”

     “Come on, we’ll explain on the way!” Chellik interjects. “There isn’t a lot of time left and the Council transports are just beyond the regulators!”

     The group tears off down the next catwalk and towards the far end of the interior.

     “Shit,” Ashley mumbles as she follows them as quickly as possible.


Councilor Udina leads the Citadel Council towards three vehicles anchored in the Council Transportation Hub. He sees his private vehicle and gives a semi-smile.

     This nightmare will be over soon. They’ll thank me too. They’ll have to. It’s for the best. The only way, really, to counter the reaper threat. The greater good must come first.

     He heads to a console and starts inputting coordinates.

     “It’s best if we take my transport. We can get to the Ascension faster the way I’ve programmed the server.”

     “Let’s just hurry up!” Telvos says. “We need to know what’s going on and why! Who would attack the Citadel? What do they hope to gain!?”

     “Step away from the console, councilor!” a voice calls out from behind the group.

     They turn to find Williams, Vakarian, Chellik, and Bailey all pointing their weapons at Udina. Udina pauses when he sees them and frowns.

     “What’s the meaning of this?! Do we not have enough problems to contend with right now!? The Citadel is under attack and you’re not out there stopping them!”

     “That would be a pretty shitty job, councilor,” Bailey says stepping to the side as Garrus and Ashley take point. “After all, the intruders are all Alliance marines.”

     “Alliance marines!?” Sparatus shouts. “On the Citadel!? Why?!”

     “That’s what I’d like to know,” Ashley says. “They shot at us with no warning. Put down civilians alien and human. What’s going on, Udina!?”

     “We have reason to believe Udina is working with Cerberus and managed to secure Alliance soldiers in a bid to seize the Citadel for the benefit of humanity,” Chellik states.

     “Udina!?” Telvos looks to Udina. “This is a trap! You’ve led us here to die! Is C-Sec in on this too!?”

     “I can assure you, C-Sec was unaware of any of these actions. The executor dug up info showing Udina has been communicating with one Pollux Lykins and plotting through Cerberus channels to overthrow the Council,” Bailey says shaking his head mournfully.

     “If Shepard were here, she’d put you on your back, Udina,” Garrus chides, the anger in his voice evident.

     Ashley turns slightly to Garrus, “How do you know she isn’t in on it too? She was with Cerberus you know.”

     “Ash, quit doubting Genevieve! She has done nothing but support you!”

     “And yet she and Udina have become quite chummy!” Ashley growls.

     Udina steps away from the console and looks almost pale white, “Pollux…you bastard…It’s not what you think! Yes, it was a coup attempt on the Council! I was instructed to allow access to Alliance warships and then the Alliance would seize control of the Citadel! We have to! Don’t you see!? The reapers are coming and we must have a united front! Nobody is working for Cerberus! It’s an Alliance operation!”

     “No, it’s a Cerberus operation being led by Lykins,” Chellik retorts.

     “No! NO!! I don’t work with those terrorists!”

     “Says the terrorist…” Sparatus quietly puts in as he steps back with Valern.

     Telvos looks on the verge of having a fit of rage but Sparatus reaches out and grabs her shoulder. She reluctantly steps back.

     “This…this isn’t what I wanted…”

     “What did you think was going on when only two warships arrived, Udina?” Garrus asks.

     “They were supposed to be the recon team. The primary assault before the Alliance sent in all their ships.”

     “So, what was Shepard’s role in all of this? Get quarian and geth technology and give it to Cerberus?” Ash asks stepping to the side and glaring at Garrus. “We didn’t get Shepard back, Garrus! Udina is the proof of that!”

     “What the hell are you ranting on about!?” Udina queries pointing a skeletal finger at her. “Shepard went to the Perseus Veil on Hackett’s advice not mine! Shepard is as deluded as ever! Thinking a peace can ever be reached between the species of the galaxy! The only way to beat the reapers is through force!”

     He balls his fist up and wags it in the air. Chellik shakes his head and heads towards Udina slowly who only sighs and puts his hands in the air.

     “Sorry, councilor. We have to take—“

     A shot flies out and pierces Udina’s chest. Everyone looks around but only see each other until they notice the marines quickly pushing for the open doorway.

     “Incoming!” Bailey shouts.

     Garrus, Ashley, Bailey, and Chellik take positions beside the door entrance and open fire at the incoming soldiers. Several fall. But at least a dozen more are rushing down the corridor towards them.

     “Shut the door!” Valern cries out.

     Telvos steps forward and unleashes a biotic field that pulses out towards the troops causing them to be blown back. Bailey and Chellik quickly go to work closing the blast doors and locking them down.

     “It won’t take them long to get through there,” Bailey says and holsters his weapon. “We need to get the Council to the Ascension.”

     Ashley goes over to Udina who lies dead on the floor. The wound to his chest indicates he died instantly. She shakes her head and stands up with a sigh. Garrus walks up behind her and quietly speaks.

     “You need to let go of your distrust for Shepard, Ash. She’s the one and only. The real deal. And she’s out there fighting for all of us.”

     “I…I wish I could believe that. It’s just that, with everything going on…”

     “Stop it. We have too many enemies around us as it is. We don’t need to make more. See them where they don’t exist and ignore them where they do. We’re better than that.”

     “Maybe,” Ashley says and turns to look up at him. “But first thing’s first. We need to get the Council to the Ascension.”

     “Yeah. That’s the plan.”

     “We’ll take my shuttle,” Telvos says with a long exhale. She furrows her brow and unlocks her vessel. “Hmmm, maybe there’s not enough room.”

     “I think we can split up into two transports. But we’d better hurry,” Sparatus says unlocking his shuttle.

     The Citadel rocks under a tremendous force nearly knocking everyone off their feet. The Council get back up on their feet and Garrus stares up at the ceiling seeing electricity blazing across the beams in arcs looking as if they’re ready to explode.

     “What the hell was that?”

     “Executor! Executor! Come in!”

     Chellik reaches to his commlink, “What is it? What’s going on!?”

     “Sir! Massive vessels have just entered the system and attacked the Citadel! They…they look like huge insects or squids! I’ve never seen anything like it!”

     The group looks to one another, panic and fear falling across all their faces.

     “Shit,” Garrus mumbles. “Reapers.”

Thanks again and read to everyone again soon!

~Timothy S Purvis



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