New Novel In The Works: And the First Chapter Is A Contest Entry!

Hello all! Hope your week is going well and you had a good weekend! I’m Timothy S Purvis and I’m here to let everyone know that I have a contest entry up on Vocal. It’s a contest to write the first chapter of an ‘epic fantasy novel’! I wrote the first chapter of a book I do intend to finish later on this year once all is said and done and whether I win anything or not. Of which, I could use your help. In order to push the recommendation of this piece with regards to popularity and judging, I could use some comments and thoughts on the work being submitted. I’ll post the link after this and all you have to do is: read it. Just like you read so many of my other stories here! Consider it another offering of Story Time With Tim only on another site.

For now.

Once the contest is over, I may end up posting it here in the future. But, that also depends on how far along in the novel I am at the time! For now, head on over there, read the chapter, and share your thoughts on it below the work in question! It’s called ‘Dragon Lore’ and it sets the stage for a story I’ve been meaning to tell for quite some years.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you’ll hit the linked image below (don’t worry, it’s not an ad and it’s legitimately for a contest entry)!

Read to you all again soon!

~Timothy S Purvis

Dragon Lore Vocal Media Contest entry: Unsplash image

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