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Hey, how is everyone doing this fine and frigid morning? Last week, I meant to post up a Scripted Saturdays (if you typically follow my blog you know what that is–if not, Hi! I’m Tim Purvis! Pleasure to make your acquaintance and thanks for stopping by!) but the last several weeks have been fairly chaotic. What with trying to get work in, make the rent, pay the car, other bills, fill out my taxes, etc, etc. Too much going on. But, I guess I have it pretty easy given the shit that’s happening in Ukraine right now. Why is it nobody thinks about assassinating tyrants but the good guys have got to go? What’s up with that mentality?

Regardless, yeah, I’ve got it pretty damn good, if I’m being honest with myself. Doing some stand up comedy, putting off my writing because my brain just hasn’t been into it, trying to keep my marriage intact, and make some mother fucking money. It isn’t easy. But, first world problems, am I right? Also, I am the only one in the house (even when my adult son lived here) that knows how to do housework. So I have these damn dishes stacked up a mile high and these damnable gnats have made this the perfect opportunity to explode in population. Laundry needing done. And etc etc.

But, I’m still working on posts for this blog. I’m continuing to post up Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined, which you can find in my ‘Genre Beats’ drop down tag and selecting Story Time With Tim. Or just go to my main page and you’ll find one of the chapters up there, I’m sure. I’ll be returning to Scripted Saturdays this Saturday, I hope. Just gotta start pulling those old scripts out and putting them up. Like I said, been busy. I’ve performed four times now some stand-up and my comedy wasn’t very well received. Guess that means I now have four bombs under my belt! Woo-hoo! Gonna have to take that back to basics, it would seem. Stop trying so hard. Just let the material flow, ya?

Been trying to finish up some short stories and my novel. Hit some writer’s block. Hate when that happens. Slows down life and makes a me a little depressed and anxious. Good think I have medication for that. I don’t know where things go from here. I don’t know if any of my publications will net me any serious sales. Still have a lot to work on, of course. Still have my author’s pages at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Still got to finish my formatting to Tales From A Strange Mind Volume to for Smashwords, now that I think about it. Been having too many medical issues the last half year or so. As such, way behind on the things in life I love to do.

Aw, well, that’s life, isn’t it?

Let’s see, is there anything else to bring you all up to speed with? Not that I can think of. Keep checking out my posts. ME3RI Story Time With Tim on Fridays, Scripted Saturdays on, when else, Saturdays. And random stuff I think to post whenever I think to do them.

All right, folks, that’s all I got for the moment. Keep on checking back and I’ll have some stuff to post in the future. I’m still thinking about some other things. I don’t know yet. Should I do a second serving of Story Time With Tim? Maybe a Written Word Wensdays? Or is that too much? If you have a thought on the matter, drop me a line below. Until next time, enjoy your week!

~Timothy S Purvis



I would appreciate if you have Kindle or even if you want some paperback goodies if you’d head on over to my page and maybe show me some love there. I mean, if you’ve been reading a while and see something you like, wouldn’t you like to have it in your personal library? I have some cool short stories available for cheap. Also Tales From A Strange Mind that collects my short stories (there’s also a Kindle edition but, for some reason, Amazon wouldn’t let me link them together) , Tales From A Strange Mind II which collects my old novellas, Red Star Sheriff (Which also has a Kindle edition but Amazon, am I right?) my first novel ever released, though, yes, it does have some grammatical errors and drags on for way too long, sigh. But I still love it and I will be writing a follow up sometime within the next few years. I have a collection of my poems called MisAligned: The Heart Waxes Poetic which collects my old poems but not some of my newer ones included those flash fictions! I’ll probably do that in the future as well. And if you love the perfectly inane, why not check out my Star Cloud scripts presented in book form? Star Cloud The Original Scripts. Another one where Amazon was being difficult with me in connecting the Kindle and PB versions. Still, the paperback they let me sale for cheap and it’s well worth a look if I say so myself. Or, if you don’t want to click on individual links (all of which will take you to my author’s page anyway), just click on my author’s page directly by tapping my name: Timothy S Purvis See for yourself what all I’ve published since I began this venture in 2016.

I mean, if you like my work, of course. No pressure. Just trying to find my way in this world without working menial tasks and suffering physical and mental issues as a result. If only I could merely stay home and write. That would be my most epic fantasy brought to life. Well, if you don’t want to do that, you could also donate to my cause down below after all is said and done. It would help. You know, if you liked what you saw and all. Up to you. I don’t have a lot of reviews on my materials because of low sales. I mean, very, very low sales. In the single digits. Right now, I have to rely on Pubby for reviews and those people only read your synopsis and recap it for a five star review. I want honest opinions. Not mean ones, but honest. So, if you ever find yourself buying some of my work, I’d certainly appreciate some feedback. Again, up to you.

Also, I’m selling my work for cheap over at! Check out that page here:

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