Robin Shadow of the Bat: Scripted Saturdays

And once more we find ourselves with another Scripted Saturday! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis, the purveyor of this fine entertainment you are engaging with! This week’s offering is technically incomplete but still works as it’s own stand alone material. Mostly because how this ends could just be an episode of some show, I suppose. Though it was supposed to be a student film. I just couldn’t get anybody on board with the project and so I just stopped writing it. It would’ve been good if I do say so myself, though.

Regardless, it’s not a complicated story. It would have served as a lead in to a Teen Titans type tale and served to set up a solo movie series for Robin. I think I wrote this around 2014 or so. Thus, it’s been a minute. Hope you enjoy the tale and come back next week for more Scripted Saturdays!





[The view flows through the flaps of a tent as a family walks through with the crowd. They are the DRAKES. JACK and JANET Drake hurry their son TIM along the aisle and towards their seating up the various rows lining the circus tent sides.

Tim looks happily at the hundreds of faces speaking to one another in anticipation.]


              I want to see the elephants!


              Calm down, son. There’s plenty of time left for the show.

[Jack walked just behind them as they were starting to take their seats and looked around the audience. Across the way he saw BRUCE WAYNE with two women taking their places and seemed to be enjoying themselves.]


              As I live and breathe, Bruce Wayne.



[Jack shook his head and lifted his hand.]


              There’s something I got to do. I’ll be right back.


              Can’t this wait? What, you have more business to discuss? The circus was YOUR idea! We’re supposed to be having a family night out!


              And we are!

                   [He held out his arms and smiled with a laugh.]

              Unfortunately, archaeological needs wait for no man!

[She shook her head and sat down beside her young six year old son and watched him walk across the edge of the ring towards Bruce Wayne and catch his attention. The two men chatted merrily for several moments.]


              Your father is such a pain sometimes.


                   [Looks up to his mother.]

              I’m just glad we’re all together for once. I hate boarding school.


              Oh, Tim, you know it’s for your own good. We can’t just uproot you every time we have some trip we need to take out of town.

[Tim sighed.]


[MR HALEY, owner and operator of the HALEY FAMILY CIRCUS, files some paperwork and readies himself to go ensure that the night’s show goes off without a hitch.

As he is closing his file cabinet, he hears the door to his trailer open.]

                        MR HALEY

              This had better be important. The show is about-

[He pauses as he turns and sees three men walking slowly across the trailer entrance towards his desk.]

              Not you thugs again. What do you want!? I’ve already given Zucco my answer!

                        THUG 1

              Yeah, well, the boss is very persistent. He’s told ya, ya can’t operate here unless you pay your dues. Those dues guarantee this circus continues to operate with limited interruption of the criminal sort.

[Mr Haley furrowed his brows and grew angry.]

                        MR HALEY

              Get out you extortionists! I don’t deal with thugs and criminals! Tell your boss if keeps harassing me, I’m goin’ to the cops!

[The other two thugs made a mock serious frown and shook their heads as they looked to their leader. The first man straightened his tie and smiled with a laugh.]

                        THUG 1

              Have it your way, Mr Haley. We can’t be held responsible for mishaps that happen without our guarantees-

                        MR HALEY

              Get out!

[Mr Haley pointed his finger and exhaled audibly as the three men turned and walked away leaving the trailer behind them.]


[Jack walked back towards his family and Janet forced a smile at him. He smiled back and saw three people walking past him he held out a hand to them.]


              Hey! Hey! Can you do me a favor?

[The man of the group of acrobats known as THE FLYING GRAYSONS, JOHN, turned to Jack and smiled.]


              Yes? What can I do for you?

[Jack grinned at them. John’s wife, MARY, and son, RICHARD aka DICK, stood beside him and smiled as well.

Jack motioned to his wife to bring Tim with her over to the acrobats. She made a gesture of feigned bother and stood up to escort the smiling Tim towards them.]


              I just want to get a picture of my family with you guys!

[Jack took the camera from his wife as she went with Tim over to the acrobatic family and John noticed a close friend of his walking nearby and motioned to him.]


              I’ll do you one better. What’s your name?


              My name is Jack. This is my wife, Janet, and my son, Tim.

[John’s friend, dressed as a clown, took the camera from Jack and John motioned for Jack to join them.]


              Well, Jack, why don’t you get your photo taken too? My friend has got this, right Lazlo?

[The man with the strange piggish clown makeup nodded happily as the two families came together and the 12 year old Dick Grayson picked up the five year old Tim Drake and propped him on his forearm.]


              This performance tonight will be dedicated to you, Timmy!

[John and Mary laughed and held everyone close to them as the camera clicked and a flash lit up the immediate area.]


              That was great! Thank you so much!

[Jack retrieved his camera and the three acrobats waved as they jaunted towards the center ring to warm up.]


              Good luck! I look forward to a great show!

[Tim waved back and followed his parents back to their seats. They saw Bruce Wayne laughing as he watched them and then he dropped his drink all over a man in front of him.

The man turned around angrily and Bruce appeared to apologize profusely. Tim watched it in curiosity and stared at Bruce intently.]


              I swear, that Bruce Wayne can make a calamity of any event.

[Jack laughed and shook his head as the ringmaster entered the tent and began his rehearsed nightly dialogue.]


              Ladies and Gentlemen! Set your attention towards the center ring as we bring you tonight’s fantastic avenue of awe inspiring entertainment!


              So what did you have to speak to him about anyhow?


              You will see wonders that will astound and amaze! See animals performing stunts and miracles the likes you have never seen before or will see again!

[Tim watched the Graysons gathering some equipment and beginning a climb to the summit of the tent poles at the various points of the massive tent.]


              There was a problem with recovery efforts of some artifacts in Africa. I went to see if I could convince him to turn his eye there and help anywhere possible.

[Janet scoffed and watched the action below.]


              Oh, please! One of the richest men on the planet is just going to give you money for your ridiculous ventures!


              We’re not having this argument tonight.


              And now rising to the heights of this venue of crowd rising feats, witness the feats of the FLYING GRAYSONS!

[The crowd roared its approval as John made is first swing and floated high above the floor of the center ring.]

              The Flying Graysons! Death defying acts of greatness so amazing, so confidently executed, they perform their shows with need of no nets!

[Mary took the trapeze from her son and swung out towards John. After a few swings she flipped outward from her trapeze and towards his outreached hands. The crowd gasped.]

              Watch these trapeze daredevils perform their world famous-!

[It was then that the trapeze snapped and the Graysons fell towards the ground.]


              Mom! Dad!

[The audience screamed in dismay as the two hit the floor and didn’t move and dozens of circus performers streamed towards the fallen performers. Dick rushed towards the ladder and slid down terror evident in his every move.]


              Oh my god! Jack!


              I know! I know! Come on, Tim! You don’t need to see this!

[Tim was grabbed by his father and held to his shoulder and carried out of the tent in great haste. Tim looked over his father’s shoulder and towards Dick rushing across the floor who was stopped by Bruce Wayne. The young man called out but Bruce held him close and forced the young man to look him in his eyes.

They disappeared among the crowd of terrified attendees fleeing the scene of travesty.]


[The TV is on and what is playing is a news report on the death of the Flying Graysons. The view pans back to see Tim watching the scene play out. Dick is standing beside Bruce Wayne who has his hand on the boy’s shoulder.]

                        NEWS REPORTER

              The funeral of John and Mary Grayson, two of the three members of the Flying Graysons, was held earlier today. Mourners from across the nation arrived in droves to show their sorrow for the fallen artists, who were beloved the world over. The young son, Richard Grayson, would have been left an orphan if not for the intervention of Gotham’s premier benefactor Bruce Wayne, who is in the process of adopting the young man as his own.

              Our hearts go out to the family of the Graysons and all those who’ve been touched by this tragedy.

                        NEWS ANCHOR

              We are receiving word that this may have been no accident. It seems two men have been taken into custody in relation to the deaths of the Graysons. They’re being interviewed by police now.

[The view shows Tim’s face scrunching up as he hears his parents yelling at one another in the background from another room.]


              I don’t know what you want me to do!


              Stop running off out of the country every two weeks and that would be a start!


              You have business obligations too! Don’t act like you’re innocent in all of this!


[Three years have passed and Tim is celebrating his birthday in the dining room with his maid, a woman studying to be a therapist DANA WINTERS, and two of her friends clapping and acting happy and cheerful. In the background sits Tim’s mother glaring out the window.]


              Happy birthday, Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Timmy, Happy birthday to you!

[Tim smiled as she sung.]

              Blow out the candles!

[He did so and the candles went out.]

              And now gift time! Janet, did you want to come give your gift now?

[Janet said nothing and Tim frowned as she just sighed and smoked a cigarette as she stared out into nothing.]

              Oooookay…well, I’ll just give you your present from your mom for her!

[Dana pulled out several packages from behind a chest and the two friends clapped happily and sent their best wishes to Tim.]

              Here’s the first for you!

[It is his mother’s present and he opened it to find a sweater. He sat looking shocked but said nothing and then got up to walk over to his mother.]


              Thanks, mom. It’s great.

[She gave a noncommittal smile as he hugged her and went back to the party. He looked back at her and she refused to return his look.  Dana shook her head slightly in a look of anger and got another present for Tim.]


              Here ya go, Timmy! There’s more waitin’ for you!

[Several presents came to him and he was excited for each one. His mother never looked to him but gave a slight glance when Dana gave him her gift. He opened it to find a detective set.]


              Oh wow! Cool! Thanks, aunt Dana!

[Janet gave a scowl at Dana who looked at her with ever so slightly contained disdain. Tim didn’t notice.]


[Tim runs into his room and scatters out the detective set and starts looking through all that it came with. He saw his computer blinking and moved the mouse. The screen popped on as Tim pulled his set towards him and the computer and glanced at the screen seeing a news blurb about the Batman come up.]



[He clicked on a play button and a video played showing Batman and his sidekick that the news reporters were calling Robin leaping across an alley and fighting several armed men.]

              This is so awesome. I wish I were Batman.

[He started moving his hands like he was fighting and then saw Robin perform a flipping maneuver that he recognized and he stopped his emulation and pulled forward to the screen.]

              It can’t be…is it…

[His bedroom door opened and Dana came in and sat on his bed and looked to him lovingly.]


              Don’t tell me you’re bored with your gifts already?


              Not at all. I was just watching…Batman.

[Dana looked at the screen he was pointing at and smiled.]


              Oh yeah. He’s your hero, isn’t he?


              Yeah! I want to be Batman when I grow up!


              And I bet you’d make a great Batman!

[Her smile diminished slightly and she looked to the floor.]

              Look, Tim, I want you to know that your mother loves you very much.

[She took his hands in hers and she pulled him in his chair towards her. She rubbed the backs of his hands gently.]

              You know that, don’t you?


              Of course. She’s…having a hard time right now. Dad’s off in Africa again. And she was told to stay away from the office for some reason. She doesn’t blame me, does she?


              No, of course not! I only came to tell you, that everything is going to be alright. Your dad will be back soon. And everything will be as it was before.


              Somehow, that’s not very encouraging.

[Dana stared in disbelief and gave a half laugh half smile.]

              You know, I was thinking. I think I want to enroll in To Shin Do classes.


              Oh, Tim, I’m always amazed at how mature you are.


[Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne stand silently as the preacher walks away solemnly. The two men stare at the grave before them looking like the weight of the world is on their shoulders.]


              I can’t believe it’s been twelve years already.

[Bruce doesn’t say anything, only grunts as they continue staring down at the gravestone before them.]

              It’ll never get any easier. Will it?

[Dick looks to Bruce who doesn’t look back.]

              It isn’t your fault. Don’t forget that.


              Who’s fault is it then? I should have been able to do something. Should’ve been faster. I failed. I’ve failed all of you.


              No you didn’t! We may have our disagreements from time to time, but we’re still family! Don’t do this! Don’t you dare do this to yourself!

[Dick had his hand wrapped around his arm and Bruce looked to Dick with a darkness across his face.]


              Do what? What am I doing?


              Letting it overcome you. The grief that we all feel. If you could have stopped it you would have. Don’t let it cripple you. We need you!

[Bruce turned to walk away.]


              Do you? I’m a death sentence, Richard. You’re better off flying on your own.

[Dick clenched his fists and closed his eyes. He lowered his head to the ground and we see the words on the tombstone: HERE LIES OUR BELOVED FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE JASON TODD WHO GAVE HIS LIFE DEFENDING HIS MOTHER]


All right, that does it for this week. I know it felt longer than it was and yet still is somehow complete despite being incomplete. Thanks for reading and remember I have other material on this site as well. Such as the Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined story being delivered via Story Time With Tim right now. That publishes on Fridays. Just hit that tag on the right side of the screen that says Genre Beats and select Story Time With Tim. It’ll take you right there! Until next time! Read to you again soon, folks!

~Timothy S Purvis



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