Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined Prologue: Story Time With Tim

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to a New Year and back to my blog! This is the first of this year and I’m excited to present new material all throughout 2022! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis as many of you already know. And if you don’t, well, welcome aboard! This blog is mostly just my old stories posted for my audience’s reading pleasure. I have quite a few old short stories and poems available on my page through my rather eclectic tag naming convention (in case you’re wondering, just hit that drop down tag on the right side of the page that says, ‘Genre Beats.’ It’ll bring you to all of my past postings in categorized form!)

Right now, I’m bringing you the first part of my Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined story I wrote for my wife once upon a time. Back in 2013, I think. Neither one of us liked how the last fifteen minutes of the original ME3 played out and I decided to write her a new ending. The only problem? There were too many glaring issues so I had to just damn well rewrite the whole freaking game with her character in mind (Just an FYI: my player love interest was Tali. Should I have written that version? Yes, Yes I should have. However, I just wanted to write original works and this is a fan story for my wife for Christmas of those years long ago.)

I debated rewriting the whole thing and posting my own play through on here (if the playthrough were my own story, of course) but, since it’s a fanstory, I just didn’t see the point in it so I’m posting the whole thing here over the next year in its original, blemished glory! It will have a lot of grammatical errors. It will not make sense at times. It will occasionally go off the rails. Does that matter? No! Of course not! This is entertainment for entertainment’s sake! I’m never going to profit form this and am not trying to. This was a Christmas gift to my wife in 2013 and I’m sharing it here because, I love Mass Effect and wish the third entry hadn’t screwed the pooch in the final fifteen minutes.

A riveting game ME3 was. Full of shock, and horror, and tension, and drama, and awesome stories! And then… Starchild. Man, fuck that kid.

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All right! With that out of the way, I give you the prologue to ME3RI. Come back next week for the second part. Will each chapter be self contained? Will it be broken up? I’m not sure yet. It might be. It’s a very long story. However, whatever happens, I hope you enjoy the story. Sit back. Relax. And come back soon. I will be reading to you all once more in the shortest of times.

Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined Prologue Chapter 0


Space has long been thought of as the final frontier. It is a vast void of infinite mystery and the cradle for which all the deepest questions of existence burn within each and every sentient being.

  Who are we?

  Where do we come from?

  What does it all mean?

  All are questions asked across the galaxy, maybe even the universe. And only within the lure of the darkest void can these questions even begin to be answered.

  And so, the species of the galaxy set forth one after another until eventually there was a vast network of empires stretching from one side of the Milky Way to the other, many in conflict with one another, until one species discovered a great citadel among the infinite stars. And this citadel offered a reprieve from the mysteries of ones’ self and the pain of conflict. A great society was built around this citadel and alliances were forged all across the galaxy and all shared great technologies with one another and they were greatly productive.

  Until they came.

  The leviathans from the void.

  Nobody knew who they were, who built them, or why they acted the way they did. All that was known was that these creatures were mechanical monstrosities with one desire on their minds: destroy all advanced sentient life.

  And the great society fell to the leviathans never knowing who they were or why they felt that those at peace had to die.

  This great society faded into oblivion, the citadel that beget it all returning to slumber. Until many thousands of years later another species found it. And this species was less than peaceful. They used the citadel and its vast network of relays to conquer the galaxy, uniting them under one flag.

  Then they came again.

  And this equally great society, albeit aggressive and self-indulgent, fell too to the great beasts. But not before they gave their attackers a new name: Reapers. The leviathans, these Reapers, returned to deep space and the citadel went silent once more until it was discovered once again.

  So has this cycle repeated over and over for countless ages. The ages of civilization all across the galaxy known as the Milky Way. Every fifty thousand years, the greatest civilizations fall and the entities of chaos retreat back into their slumber until the next cycle begins.

  And they have come again.

  But this time, there is a difference. The sleeping leviathan who was supposed to be the vanguard of the great awakening was exposed and defeated by a member of the species calling itself human. This person who risked everything to bring down the reaper vanguard has become legendary among the various species of the current cycle. Though many are unsure of the truth behind the reapers, one thing cannot be denied; there are millions of worlds left derelict showing signs of destruction, obliteration, abandonment. All displaying the signs of a haunted past. All victims to something no one can understand.

  With the exception of the legendary human. She has seen into the past, knows who the reapers are. Understands what they want. And she has no desire to give it to them.

  Three years earlier, this soldier tracked down the traitorous member of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the citadel special forces who had taken it upon himself to recruit the synthetic race of geth to attack human colonies and to wreak havoc across the traverse in an effort to open the gateway to the reapers. It was only by tracking down this SPECTRE called Saren Arturious, that the human soldier discovered he was working for the vanguard of the reapers, the one called Sovereign.

  And though the Citadel Council refused to take the reaper threat seriously, they gave her permission to hunt Saren down and bring him to justice. And she did. But not before Saren infiltrated the Citadel and nearly destroyed the council in the process.

  She was named the Hero of the Citadel.

  But she knew the truth: that the reapers were returning.

  However, she was forced to hunt for geth instead and had to put the quest for the reapers to the side. Until her ship, the SSV Normandy SR-1 was attacked and destroyed by a species known as the collectors. These creatures were once the ruthless race that conquered the galaxy in the previous cycle: Protheans. Though the manner of their attitudes remains one of mystery, the collectors were harvesting human colonies at the behest of another reaper; the enigmatic Harbinger.

  The soldier was killed in the attack. She floated in space like a derelict artifact out of time. Until she was recovered by the terrorist organization Cerberus with the funding of its Illusive Man. She was brought back to fight the collectors and discover the reaper plan. And she succeeded.

  That was months earlier. After being dead for nearly two years, this soldier has much work left to accomplish and little time to accomplish it in. She destroyed the collector battle station deep at the core of the galaxy after refusing to hand it over to the Illusive Man, but was left with a dead end. It has become a race against time to discover just where the reapers are and when they are coming. But there is one certainty foremost on her mind: very few believe her. Which means she must track down the clues and search for a means on her own in which to destroy the reaper threat forever.

  With little help from the Citadel Council or even from Alliance command on Earth, this soldier still will never have her name forgotten in the galaxy:

  Commander Genevieve Shepard.


And that is the first part of Mass Effect 3 Re-Imagined. The next part will be up next week. Thanks for dropping by and reading and I hope you’ll keep popping in to see what’s next on the horizon. There will be days when I post random stuff. For now, though, I’ll keep my Story Time With Tim postings on Fridays. I don’t know what is coming next but I thank you profusely for sticking around and enjoying my postings! Read to you again soon, everyone!

~Timothy S Purvis


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