Tales From A Strange Mind Volume One

Hello, hello, and hello again, all! If you don’t know me, I’m Timothy S Purvis and am currently publishing books via Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. I’m in the midst of writing several short stories, novellas, and a new novel.. Still debating how I want to handle the novel situation but, if you’re curious, you can find the rough draft of it right here on this blog. It’s called: Left of Midnight. I’m making serious edits to it as well as trying to finish off the final sections.

Anyhow, check out Tales From A Strange Mind through the links below and I hope you’ll support the cause! Happy Holidays, all!

~Timothy S Purvis

The Smashwords Edition


The Amazon Kindle Versions

Also available on paperback through this site: Tales From A Strange Mind Volume One

Why not check out volume two while you’re there? I haven’t ported to Smashwords yet (Their system is… unique) but I’m working on it.

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