Edin’s Abyss: Poetry Time With Tim

Greetings and salutations, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and you’ve found yourself on yet another posting of Story Time With Tim! This week’s offering is similar to one I made earlier. That poem would have been Prophecy of Ages. Only, here, I’ve expanded on the narrative and it’s coming from a slightly different point of view. Sort of borrowing from the old parchments detailing prophecy in the ancient Middle East. As such, this one is a little bit odder than Prophecy of Ages. Even so, it’s an interesting piece from the development of my writing talents. Maybe, someday, I should dig up my old Nebulous scripts and throw them up on here. We shall see. In the interim, I hope you enjoy this one as well and read to you again next week!

Timothy S Purvis

Story Poem / Edin’s Abyss

Time, they say / Is a fragile thing / Existing but / In fragile minds

For all of / Existence / Knows not time / Only here

With us / In our minds / Do we hold / Existence by the reigns

So it is / Impossible to ask / That humans might / Complete their task

Here in this dark place / Where we toiled / In oblivion / Before this time

Was our master / When they were here / From the deep abyss / Hoping to save

The wandering world / Its destiny foretold / To return to this place / To come back home

Our one saving grace / These our creators / Were ever mindful / That hope came only

With united minds / And united nations / And united worlds / Running out of time

Were we their slaves? / Does it matter? / Damage done never gone / A testament of things to come

When we rose up / And cast them out / We became / The Gods themselves

So began / The ages of war / From the pharaohs elite / Through age immoral

Wreaking civilization / Destroying man / Bringing us to the brink / Of final extinction

The Gods we’d become / Scarred precious Edin / The Gods we’d replaced / Bide their time

They wait in place / The wandering world / In its destiny / For next year

In hopes we / These human kind / Fall into the abyss / Heralding their return

For it is / Sacred gold they need / That we still hold / And only then

Can these Gods / These Nefilim / May save their world / From the cold

And what then / Shall be our role? / The role of human kind? / The servile beast

Will we fight? / Or will it be / Finally / We will welcome our brethren

From the deep abyss / They will come / Not even the followers / Not the zealots

Will halt this time / For it comes / Without our will / Without their will

It will come / And we must be one / Or we will perish / One and all

To stop this / Nightmare / To prevent this scourge / The vessel will protect us

The vessel of gold / It awaits its owner / Awaits them all / Its time is come

Alright! There we go! Hope you like that one and will be back again next week! Stay tuned for more and thanks for dropping by!

~Timothy S Purvis

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