Take Two Tuesdays: Riddle Me This!

Greetings and salutations, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and this is, sorry to say, the last Take Two Tuesdays for the foreseeable future. The thing is, I just don’t have enough good video stuff to share on here. However, if you’d like to see all of the material I’ve produced over the years just click on this link: iCentrist and it will take you there straight away. YouTube used to say how many videos were available, but it seems to be a casualty of their new programing features. I believe I have a few hundred videos of differing materials over the years since 2007. So, click that link to go through it all if you are so inclined!

For now, here is a series I’ve been thinking about bringing back. I always loved my Riddle Me This videos even though there were only five. I think they showcase a sort of amusing brevity out of me that I haven’t really matched since then. Well, I have a lot of work I’ve done over the years. And I hope you are willing to check it out to support my channels and me personally. Look, here are some things I’ve done: My personal Author’s Page on Amazon Kindle Timothy S Purvis; My first real novel released called Red Star Sheriff also available in Kindle if you so please; I have a poem collection called Misaligned: The Heart Waxes Poetic collecting my poems up til that point; A collection of short stories in a volume I called Tales From A Strange Mind and also available on Kindle if you’d rather; As well, Tales From A Strange Mind Volume II which collects all of my novellas up to that point; and a variety of other offerings you can find only on my author’s page. Well, I mean, aside from my blog page. But this is the only place you can buy my work!

I really do hope you’ll go there and support the cause.

Welp, let’s get into it. Riddle me this videos:

And there you go. The end of Riddle Me This. I might revitalize this eventually. But right now is just one more ad for Star Cloud. I always like this run. And feel like it has some merit to it. I do want to bring it back someday. But, for the time being, it’s just one of those video offerings that has gone by the wayside. Still, thank you for watching! And, if you’d like to further support the cause, feel free to donate with the buttons below. Thank you and read to you all again soon!

~Timothy S Purvis


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