Despised Valentine: Poetry Time With Tim

Greetings and salutations, faithful readers! Welcome back to another week of Story Time With Tim, currently going by Poetry Time With Tim until I have more short stories to post up here! This week’s offering is an old poem I wrote lamenting the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s day. Why? Well, I was rather lonely at the time so I was a bit surly. Anyhow, it isn’t anything hateful. Only a bit… cynical. I think I was also trying to be a bit experimental with the flow of the piece. It seems balanced enough even if it is a little strange in its choice of word usage.

Anyhow, this week’s posting is a bit shorter than last week’s. Notably, I thought those four flash fictions would leave me with an ultra short blog post! Oh, how mistaken I was! Still, I think this piece is well worth sharing all on its own. So enjoy and come back next week for another reading!


Oh but what lackluster Holidays /We are presented

What self-righteous fool heralds/That chaotic laughable love

Does thy market falter so/When hearts and minds need sold?

Despisable contemptible rhetoric/Selling subversive clastic ideology

Surely wilt thou lie/When Saints keep marching by

Blaspheming our caring loving lives/That fascist elite line pockets in gold

Each line above was its own paragraph in the initial poem. Just hard to present those original works in the format they were meant to be displayed in on here. Oh well. Works well enough with the forward slash, eh? Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll drop by again next week for some more Story Time. I do appreciate that you drop by to read these postings. It really makes my day!

Until next week, read to you all again soon.

~Timothy S Purvis

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