A Poem: Story Time With Tim ~ Surfing The Crimson Sea

Greetings and salutations, faithful reader! Welcome back to what, up to this point, was Story Time With Tim! Well, I’ve reached the end of my old stories. As such, I’m going to spend a few weeks putting up some poems I’ve yet to post up on here. However, rest assured, I do have some new, old material to share coming up. You will find my novel that I wrote for my wife damn near a decade ago, Mass Effect 3 Reimagined, being put up here after these are done posting. I needed the extra time to fine tune the book (the later half was in really rough shape) and add in a few scenes I originally meant to include. This will be the FemShep rendition so that should be a fun ride! Expect that here in the next few months.

But, for now, I hope you enjoy some poetry because Story Time With Tim will now become ‘Poem Time With Tim’ for just a little while before getting back to basics! I look forward to posting that book up and it should take us well into next year. I’m not sure if Left of Midnight has concluded yet (I’m still posting the chapters while writing this at this point) but I’d imagine it’s covering most of the year and should be available if not now then very soon.

Anyhow, without further adieu, I give you: Surfing the Crimson Sea!



From a land of the dead and the morbid /comes a tale that some might find sordid.

Within its pages shall you find a child full of Joy, /a young man I oft times call Little Laddie Boy.

Perched upon the grasps of manhood, /reluctant to take those mighty steps he knew he should.

It was his sacred duty to grab his board and head to the shore, /to plow to the tides and climb once more.

He had failed before, embarrassed by the fall, /yet stand up again, he must, lest he bury his gall.

Along the beach as he stood there perplexed, /a woman did approach him and his mind she did vex

To be so young just barely a man, /to fulfill his task she would do what she can.

To the Red Wave you will be able to go, /after I have taught you all you need to know.

For several moons and several days, /this woman schooled him in too many ways.

Then the time came when the tide was high, /and the task was before him, fearing to die.

This emergence into manhood is decided, /I pray thee do not feel chided?

The etched expression upon his visage, /echoed the long distance of a mirage.

The fear is still there, what if I fail? /To be a man, to whom will they hail?

Just what are you trying to imply? /It’s not like you’re not going to fly!

Good God, woman, do you know what you’re saying? /Perfectly well, now quit your naying!

He could tell by the devilish grin, /she would have her way again.

You’re propensity for the telling of tall tales, /has this one the size of a blue whale!

Stop this foolish hindrance of youth, /and to the waves show no couth.

Take life by the horns, guide its flow, /cast away your doubt, and race for the goal.

He took to the waves then, thrusting himself in deep, /up and down with the waves his continence he did keep.

I still remember the look on his face, /as he surfed that crimson place.

He went to and went fro and went up high and down low, /smooth as a king, in an artful grace did he show.

Succeeded in this task, becoming one no longer a child, /he glanced at a young woman who warmly smiled.

Hand in hand they left the coast, /to return home and make of it the most.

Therefore in a manner easy to see, in a logic plain by me, /Little Laddie Boy had conquered the Red Sea.


And we come to the end of this week’s offering! Hope you enjoyed the tale and will come back next week for more! Read to you again soon and I appreciate your coming back week after week to read my stuff! It’s fantastic!

~Timothy S Purvis

Since you’re here, why not head on over to my personal author’s page and check out what else I have available to purchase. Of course, pretty much all of it is available here for free, but, eventually, I’m going to have some original work only available there! So, fav it, save it, and keep checking back for more works! I will be doing more in the future! Just click on my name and the link will take you there straightaway–> Timothy S Purvis

Also, if you liked this poem, you’ll find a collection of all of my poems with this offering below. Check it out!


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