Take Two Tuesdays: The Bouncing Ball

Greetings and salutations, faithful followers of this blog! I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and this is another offering of Take Two Tuesdays where I showcase old videos so that you know my creativity isn’t limited to the written word! This week, I thought I’d share a very short vid I made back in 2007. I was my first attempt at animating using the Adobe Illustrator program and I just wanted to know I could make all of the shots perform as expected. It’s very simple and very quick. However, it gave me ideas on how to approach future animations such as my Pikmin’s Revenge shorts. I also used the techniques when it came to my Stop Motion Animation endeavors. I learned a lot during that summer. Especially given I had recently been kicked out of the Motion Picture Production Program at Wright State University. And all because I dared to say I was inspired by Mel Brooks! Heathens. All of them loving Hitchcock. Why not the finer points of entertainment? That’s who I am overall. An entertainer, a storyteller, a fibber, and a tall taler. I offer up my imagination so that others might enjoy something offbeat and different. Of course, You have to learn from what came before before you can truly be yourself.

Oy, but enough prattle! You came for a video so here you go! The Bouncing Ball featuring a quick musical beat by the short lasting group TaTu. A Russian pop group I always enjoyed myself. But, hey, I’m on the weird side of life so have at ye!

Like I said, quick and simple.

Welp, hope you enjoyed that one. Come back next week for another vid and thanks for watching!

~Timothy S Purvis

Hey, while you’re still here, I know it sucks getting bombarded with asks for donations and funds. Heck, it would be a perfect world if we, as creatives, artists, writers, and performers could just do what we do and never have to worry about money at all. However, that’s not the world we live in. Not by one whit, is it. So, we rely on the kind contributions of those willing to even give a little bit. A buck, fifty cents, or more. It goes a long way believe it or not. And it helps us, the artists and entertainers give you what you want: More material to consume. Without those contributions, all we have are those day jobs. And when all we’re doing is working menial jobs for menial wages then we’re not creating anything to entertain you with. So, what do you say? A buck? Two? Did you like what you saw here? I hope so. And I hope you’ll consider contributing to the cause. Thank you!


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