Take Two Tuesdays: Star Cloud Episode IX The Wrath of Roth

Greetings and salutations, faithful follower of this blog! As you well know, I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and you’re here to watch some more of my insane videos! This one was the final episode of my two season arch of Star Cloud, a series based on the concept of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII being abducted by space turtles and made captain of their starship! I came up with this rather asinine concept after watching numerous videos of people making videos of their toy action figures and putting them up online. I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that!’ and proceeded to do just the such. It helped that I had just recently been kicked out of my major for liking Mel Brookes rather than Alfred Hitchcock in my Motion Production program over at Wright State University as well. Apparently, if you’re a filmmaker, you have to be so far up your own ass that a sense of humor ceases to exist.


Anyhow, this is my angsty fireback of that time period of my life. Eh, who needs to be a director anyhow, am I right? Please enjoy this final entry of Star Cloud. And, of course, come back next week for some more video offerings of my time doing perfectly inane things on YouTube. One day, I think that I shall have to get back into the game. I think that was the funnest time of my life…

Forced HD version of episode IX with some audio and dialogue corrections and a more auditory friendly presentation for YouTube.
The original presentation of episode IX with a fuck you go to hell mentality behind it. All the bad audio and crazy music of Final Fantasy in its corner as a result.

Thanks for watching! See you groovy guys again later!

~Timothy S Purvis

Stop by again next week for some more Star Cloud!

Copyright 2007-2013 Cosmic Fantasies and Screaming Cloud Studios

All characters and situations depicted are parody and meant for entertainment purposes only. Any situations or peoples similar to those living, dead, or serious exist purely for satire and/or unintentionally.

Check out my other YouTube channel of Star Cloud here–> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWdU67nDn_UplIZnCS41WRA/featured


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