A Post From A Ghost

Boo. HaHa! Kidding. I do feel kind of like a ghost though. I rarely post something outside of my own personal writing or now some of my old videos and link to where you can either find them available for purchase or just available to watch. The truth is, I’ve been in a funk lately. For the last few months in fact. Oh, I have a good lineup of material coming for you. My Take Two Tuesdays will continue to run until I run out of videos to link to (I think I have enough to get through to the fall but nothing new in the pipeline in the moment, sorry to say), I have my Story Time With Tim series still running but it will become Poetry Time With Tim for a little bit as I’m working on new material to put up here. That will run at least through the end of the year. I’ve got the schedule to prove it!

But I’ve been having these fits of anxiety which turn into depression and I sort of had a breakdown nearly a month ago. My wife encouraged me to see a therapist and I am trying to talk to one. However, he did suggest I get a new physician since the one I’ve been seeing is a bit of a dullard and obsessed with alcohol. Like, the kind of obsession with how much you imbibe, that is. So I saw a new one yesterday and she prescribed something for me. Therefore, we’ll see what that nets me moving forward. I hope I can get back into writing. I’ve just not been able to pull it together and find the desire to do it recently. And work, oy, don’t get me started. By the time I get home, I just end up staring at the computer screen while the TV runs perfectly inane shows in the background. And of course there’s the new baby who is quite the demanding little one.

Maybe I’m just burnt out from everything. Work, childcare, dishes, laundry, bills, etc, etc, etc. A never ending cycle of the mundane. It all runs together and eventually just makes you not want to do it all anymore. If only I were independently wealthy, said everyone ever. And I wish that were an option. So much I could do: write more, do altruistic things, pay off all of the bills, buy a nice house, enjoy life. But, if I ever were in such a position, I’d probably just end up sitting on my ass.

Anyhow, this is really just me dropping by to give everyone a quick shout out and a thank you to all of those who continue to read my work. I don’t post much outside of it on here, but when something strikes my fancy I will. Such as dropping a line that I’ve been in a rut lately but am hopeful that things will turn around again soon. Until then, stay safe everyone and I’ll read to you all again soon.

~Timothy S Purvis

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