Take Two Tuesdays: Star Cloud Prologue The Golden Cloud

Greetings and salutations, faithful blog follower! You’ve come to a new series I’m running on this site. I’m obviously calling it Take Two Tuesdays. Here, you will find all of the videos I’ve ever done with links to where they’re available around the internet (I hope to upgrade this site soon to make these videos direct uploads just in case something unexpected should transpire). This had already been posted waaaaayyyy back in 2012 and got hardly any attention. However, I feel that putting up my videos and animations should also demonstrate that I am a writer who works in different media. OH! I wonder if my comics would be good on here? I’ll have to look into that. For now, enjoy this HD rendition of my very first stop motion animation ever. It isn’t fantastic but I think it’s still amusing! Also, check out the links below for where you can see the entire series that is STILL up on YouTube!

Check out the full original series in its full 4×3 glory and with terrible audio! I think the birds chirping in the background make it all so charming!

Hey, the original release of my Golden Cloud animation was missing from my YouTube channel for some time due to the age of YouTube trying out its copyright claiming system. BUT, all of that has changed in the last couple years, so check out the original video right here:

See you all again next week! Thanks for watching!

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