The Days Keep On A Rollin’

Greetings and salutations, faithful reader! As you are likely well familiar of, I’m Timothy Scott Purvis and you’re reading my blog. Probably because you like some of the things I have to share, but maybe also because you’re bored and have nothing else to do. Hey, I can’t fault you either way. It’s true, I don’t always have anything useful to say here and I tend to share my writing more than anything else and that seems to bring in the readers. Which is good. I like sharing what I’ve got and making it known that my writing is also available for purchase on my personal author’s page over on Amazon Kindle (details down below, as always).

Yet, I think this blog is really just about expressing my personal imagination with the world. At the end of the day, I think I share a lot in common with Edgar Rice Burroughs and other author’s who might not have reached a massive audience but were rather niche’ writers in their own rights. Clearly, my writing isn’t of the masterpiece variety. However, I’d like to think it’s entertaining all the same. Which is what I endeavor to accomplish. To be entertaining. Perhaps a little cynical in tone, but always amusing to some degree. At least, that’s the hope.

I have writings that should last throughout the end of the year. Though, my newest novel Left of Midnight might be hitting a lull in its presentation here. Sure, it’s merely the rough draft. But, I’m still trying to finish it. As such, I think the next posting will be the last on it for the next few months. Regrettably. I’ve been trying to get it together sooner but it’s just not coming together as swiftly as I had hoped. Which is odd given I already know what the ending is and what the players do to get there. It’s just finding the time between work and family that’s the issue. I have this little Google Chrome OS laptop I’ve been using in my downtime to write with. I’m not the biggest fan of it (I really do hate sharing my files between my laptop and my PC. It just feels… vulnerable…) however I suppose it’s the best I can hope for at this moment in time.

Will Left of Midnight be available for purchase come the fall? I do hope so. However, I reserve every right to push it back. You’ll know if I’m on track for that or not based on how available the rough draft is to read here on this blog. In the interim, though, I’ll be posting some old videos and animations I made over the years on YouTube on Tuesdays. There will be links and whatnot to my site there, where you can watch all of those other videos if you don’t want to wait, and other such stuff as I move along.

What am I going to do next year? Whew. Who knows. I have already written three new short stories that, if not published, I’ll be able to put up here by the beginning of next year. I’m trying to get them officially recognized in really official publications. BUUUUUUUTTTTT… the publication world isn’t so easy to break into. So, if I haven’t netted any results by I don’t know six or seven tries, they’ll end up on here at some point. Either way, I’ll let you know.

I think I’ll be trying to put up some fanfiction come the new year. I’ve still got Mass Effect 3 ReImagined to post here. I want to expand on the narrative a little bit. Correct some errors here and there. Put it up in individual chapters. See what you all think. I also have some other fanfics I want to share as well. I’d share a link to my booksie account where the ME3RI is posted, but the site is down right now. Hopefully THAT’S not a permanent thing. Then you’ll really be having to wait!

Alright, I have more to come. I might not always be posting new stuff here, but I do check up on it every other day. I just wanted to update you guys and thank you for continuing to support me and for reading my inane material. I’ve got more writing waiting in the wings and even more crazy animations to come as well. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all again soon.

~Timothy S Purvis

Check out my author’s page on Amazon–> Timothy S Purvis

Also, check out my last book that I think is pretty good. There are some past tense voice issues in it, mind you, but I spent something like three years writing and editing and making it as spiffy as it can be so it is what it is as a result. I’ll pay closer attention to all of that in the follow ups. It’s still an entertaining read, if I do say so myself:

Paperback edition is available as well. But, for some reason, Amazon won’t let me link them together. Grrr… morons: Red Star Sheriff Paperback

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