The Lion: Story Time With Tim

Greetings and salutations, faithful reader. I am Timothy Scott Purvis, as you well know, and this is another offering of Story Time With Tim! This weeks work was written some years ago. I want to say the early 2000’s even. It’s based off of the movie ‘The Dead Poet’s Society’ and was an exercise in seeing if I could sum up the movie’s plot in a really short story. And, lo and behold, I managed this particular tale. It isn’t completely like the movie, mind you, but rather a parallel of the themes the movie presented. Nothing deeper than that, I’m afraid.

So, I hope you enjoy this really quick read and please check out the links below to see where all it’s available to be purchased if you feel inclined to support the cause! Thanks for reading and read to you all again soon.


…And the scholars approached the Lion and beseeched he,

  “Please come and teach our young boys to be as men.”

  And the Lion responded,

  “Nay, for thou wilt not like what I teach for what I teach is POWER.”

  And the scholars beseeched he,

  “Oh, but that is what we need!  Come and teach our young boys to be as men.”

  And the lion retorted,

  “Nay, for thou wilt be displeased in what I teach for what I teach is WISDOM.”

  And the scholars beseeched he,

  “Indeed! Tis what we need!  Please come and teach our young boys to be as men!”

  And again the Lion snorted,

  “Nay! For thou wilt not take pleasure in what I teach for what I teach is COURAGE!”

  And the scholars beseeched he,

  “Verily! Thou art powerful, wise, and courageous! Tis what we need to teach our young boys to be as men!”

  And the Lion saw sincerity and agreed,

  “Then let it be known that I shall teach thy young boys to be as men.”

So, some time passed and one young boy was greatly troubled by his father who was himself greatly displeased with the teachings of the Lion. The father desired the young boy to be what he saw him to be and not what the boy envisioned himself to be.

  “Thou hath dishonored me, boy!” Cried the father, “Thou wilt forget and forsake thine desire and obey and seek what future I have designed for thee!”

  And the young boy was forlorn having disgraced his father and not earned his pride. Therefore, he summoned lightning to whisk away his mind and did lie upon the floor, his life having fled.

  Now the father of the young boy was furious and summoned the scholars to ban the Lion from their kingdom for he had instilled in these boys to disrespect authority and this father’s son lie slain because of this degradation.

  And the scholars came upon the Lion and cried out,

  “I ban thee from this place for you have taught our young boys to spit in our face!”

  And the Lion, in great voice and reason, rationally retorted,

  “I had warned thee fellows what I taught for what I taught was that these young boys be strong in their convictions, be wise enough to know right from wrong, and be courageous enough to confess it! Now, you come to mine personage and cry out that I have wronged thee!? You do not want your young boys to be as men, as I have taught, but to be as mice! Continually following your design and your will! Do not grow furious and accusatory when the Lion teaches the lamb to be as The Lion when the Lion did say, ‘Thou wilt be displeased!’

  The scholars and the father were taken aback by the Lion’s blatant words and could only watch in shock as the Lion boldly departed, undeterred by their words. And depart as well did all the young boys he had taught to follow THE authority on the matter for they were as men and the scholars were as mice.

And we end another week of tales and suspense. Remember, the next offering of Left of Midnight is coming up Sunday morning! Hope to read to you then. Also, I will be putting some more blogs up and just don’t know what they’re going to be yet. Or, maybe, I’ve already done so… Hmmm. You just never know…

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Thanks again and see you soon!

~Timothy S Purvis

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