The Trixx Rabbit Strikes Back: Story Time With Tim

It’s that time again! I think I’m going to start shifting postings to the weekends because trying to do it during the week is becoming a little challenging. Working all day until 4:30, getting home after five, and then trying to write something up once getting home? Just too much effort when one is exhausted and mentally drained! But, the weekends are wide open for me at this time. Therefore, Story Time With Tim will be put up on Saturday with my Left Of Midnight postings coming on Sunday.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

This is The Trixx Rabbit Strikes Back. A parody story written back in 2005. It features the kid from The Fairly Odd Parents being harassed by the Trixx Rabbit because good old mister Rabbit is getting tired of being abused by Toon Town when all that he wants is just one bowl of Trixx Cereal. It was pretty amusing, I thought, containing references to not just The Fairly Odd Parents, but also other cereal brands like Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Yugi Oh, and other properties that just seemed amusing to put into the work. It only runs about 4700 words and came from a period in my writing development where I was getting more comfortable just letting the story flow for itself.

Curious about where it’s available to purchase? Well, being a fan story, it isn’t per se. However, it is in my collection of short stories that I called ‘Tales From A Strange Mind’ which has quite a few of my other works in it as well–>

I also made it available for free here —>

However, I’m about to post it right here so, unless you’re looking to support my writing endeavor (and, by all means, please do!) then you won’t need to go anywhere else. So, without further ado, ‘The Trixx Rabbit Strikes Back’:


Written 2005 CE

“Silly Rabbit, Trixx are for kids!” the little girl shouted grabbing the bowl of cereal away from an enraged, white rabbit.

He stood there glaring at the girl as she smiled sweetly and ingested the fruity bits of carnal bliss. How those kids could continually mock him was beyond logical capacity. She and those little brat friends of hers left the scene of their latest conquest against the Rabbit and sang their happy songs of sugary mayhem.

     He hated them; every single one of those children. It wasn’t just limited to the five kids walking away from the rabbit. It was all the children on the accursed planet. Every time he tried to lay his fingers on a juicy bowl of cereal bearing his name and image, he was shunned by a legion of brats always shouting, ‘Silly Rabbit, Trixx are for kids!’ Oh, how he loathed them.

     Actually, his name was Axel. He stood a few inches past the five-foot mark and was a solid white. His long ears always twitched when he heard the sound of children playing. That didn’t stop him, though, from taking the job offered him. The Company would use his image to sell their cereal. This made him the most famous Rabbit ever. Well, next to his cousin Bugs, anyway.

     Axel hunched over as he tramped home to his small apartment in the colorful town of Dimmsdale. Morons lived there, but the rent was cheap. His pay wasn’t as good as he would have liked because the Company kept most of the profits. He wished he had the negotiation talents of his cousin. That Rabbit made so much money as to make Bill Gates jealous.

     Just one bite. That’s all he wanted. Just one bite of a cereal his face was on. Why must the little heathens always prevent him from eating a bowl of the sweet substance he helped sell? This question lingered in his head as he opened the door to his apartment and tossed his keys onto a blue end-table. The interior of the apartment was brightly colored, but had only a few pieces of furniture. A TV, the end-table, a couch, and a chair in the corner. There was one bedroom and a bathroom. The kitchen was attached to the living room.

     He went to the fridge and grabbed a tasty Coke from within. Gulping it down, he looked for something to eat. Something to eat. Trixx! Just one, goddamn bowl! Arrrghhhh!! he screamed internally and slammed the fridge shut. He slammed the Coke bottle on the counter and gripped it tightly. Teeth gritted in anger and his face turned a slight shade of red. The phone rang and Axel let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding then answered the screaming irritation.

     “Yeah, Axel Rabbit, whaddya want!?” he huffed into the receiver.

     “We’re going to need you to come in early tomorrow, Axel. Three commercials will be shot,” the voice on the other end spoke.

     “I’m getting sick of those little bastards always taking what’s rightfully mine! What about a commercial where I get the Trixx for once!?” Axel exclaimed with wild gesticulations.

     “Axel… those commercials wouldn’t sell. We have to say, ‘Hey, here’s a cereal only for kids. Adults not allowed.’ And that’s what will sell,” the voice responded.

     “Grrrr… Fine, I’ll come in early!” Axel shouted and slammed the receiver down.

     It was getting late, so he angrily got ready for bed and laid down. He drew the covers up to his neck and closed his eyes. A sigh escaped his lips as he began to drift off into slumber. Then a commotion outside jolted him awake.

     “What the!?” his voice forced out in exasperation.

Leaping back out of bed and yanking his curtains open, he looked out of his window to find what the source of the explosion he heard was. Playing near the street was a young boy. He had set off an explosive device underneath a can to see if it would fly. Beside the child were two cats. Axel opened the window and vented his frustration.

     “You! Can’t you set that off somewhere else, you little shit!?” he shouted shaking his pawed fist in the air.

     “What the?” the child responded.

     “You and your fairies just get out of here!!” he commanded.

     “Fairies? Uhm, what are you talking about?” the child with a pink ballcap and shirt spoke.

     He glared at the child and the two cats looking at one another with perplexed expressions. His mood was fast dissipating and he’d had enough of children for one day.

     “Look, this is the ‘real’ world, so you don’t have to ‘pretend’ you don’t have fairies. We’re all cartoons here and the acting’s over for the day. So… go HOME!!” Axel slammed his window in agitation and slung himself in bed.

     Goddamn kids… gettin’ tired of all of it… he thought, drifting off into an uncomfortable slumber. He tossed and turned with nightmares of children running through his head. Fields of flowers, schools with yogurt, trapeze acts of desperation and all the while the same phrase repeating in endless repetition, ‘Silly Rabbit, Trixx are for kids! Silly Rabbit, Trixx are for kids! Silly Rabbit, Trixx are for kids! Silly—’

     “Stoooooooooopppp!!!!” he woke up, sweat leaking from every pore.

     His fur was matted as he sat up from his scream of terror and stared wide-eyed into the dark recesses of his bedroom. Looking at his clock, Axel saw that he’d only been asleep for four hours and he couldn’t help but to sob. Then, a small smile crept across his face. If they wouldn’t give him what he wanted, he’d just have to take it.

     “Trixx are for kids, eh? We’ll see about that… heh, heh…” he said to no one, and the air filled with maniacal laughter.

     Axel swung his legs over the side of his bed and stared at the Trixx images upon his comforter. He stood up and tore the comforter from his bed. Tossing it to the ground, he stomped up and down upon the covering. He stomped and paced the floor.

     “How to do it… What I need… are a pair of FAIRY GODPARENTS!!” his eyes went wide in excitement as he considered his plot.

     Axel rubbed his paws together and his eyes took on an evil appearance. Yes, he thought, that Timmy Turner has been setting off those damn fireworks for too long. I’ll use his little ‘secret’ to my advantage. But first, I have a few calls to make.

Two days later, Timmy Turner was in his treehouse talking with his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, when he heard a voice calling to him from outside. He went to the open window and looked out to see a postal worker in a blue uniform. However, Timmy recognized him immediately as the Trixx Rabbit.

     “What the? That lunatic rabbit is outside. Can they get any weirder than him?” Timmy said to the two fairies.

     “Now, Timmy, it’s not nice to say mean things about the Trixx Rabbit. After all, he brings joy to thousands of good little boys and girls. Why don’t you see what he wants?” Wanda replied, hovering in the air near Timmy.

     He reluctantly agreed to the pink-haired fairy and her very polite, yet motherly tones. He stuck his head back out the window and yelled down to the barely disguised rabbit,

     “What do you want?” he shouted, prompted the rolling of Wanda’s eyes.

     “I have a delivery for one young Timmy Turner,” the rabbit replied in his best postman’s voice.

     “You can drop the act. I know you’re the Trixx Rabbit!” Timmy shouted down.

     “Why you little… Uhm, what do you mean? I’m the postman!” the rabbit called back.

     Timmy looked back at Cosmo and Wanda, his buck-teeth hanging over his bottom lip in mild annoyance. The two fairies only shrugged and became two birds; one pink and one green. Timmy opened up the trapdoor to his treehouse and motioned for the rabbit to come up. The rabbit gladly did so, and moments later stood within the tree house confines.

     “Here you go, a message,” the rabbit handed a postmarked envelope to Timmy.

     He looked at the rabbit for a second and then opened up the envelope. He stared at it for a few moments and couldn’t make out what it said. The rabbit stood there with his arms behind his back looking innocent.

     “Uhm, I don’t get it. Is it all written backwards or something? Who would do something stupid like that?” Timmy inquired.

     “It might help if you sounded it out-loud,” the rabbit offered and looked over at the two birds sitting quietly on the second window ledge.

     Timmy struggled to pronounce out the backwards paragraph hoping to decipher it through recognition.

     “‘Thgisrevo ym ees ot ereh saw elgnartS noV nagroJ hsiw I dna tibbaR lexA yb nees tsuj evah stnerapdog yriaf yM.’” Timmy stumbled as the rabbit held a mirror in back of Timmy at the last bit.

     The two birds saw in the mirror the letter and what was written correctly as Timmy finished the paragraph.

     “‘My fairy godparents have just been seen by Axel Rabbit and I wish Jorgan Von Strangle was here to see my oversight.’ Oh no!” Wanda shouted as Timmy looked at the mirror and Jorgan Von Strangle suddenly appeared before them all.

     “Did my ears hear correctly that Timmy Turner’s godparents have been seen!? This is an outrage! You two know Da Rules! Now, you must go back to Fairy Land!” Jorgan said and raised his wand towards the two as they poofed to their forms and screamed in fear.

     “No! You can’t do this! We were tricked by an evil bunny!” Cosmo shouted out.

     “Ah ah ah!” the rabbit taunted, waggling his finger at Jorgan and whipping a book out of thin air.

     Everyone stopped their screams of protest and stared at the rabbit as he ripped off his hat and slammed the book on a table that he whipped out of an infinite pouch as well. Axel donned a pair of black glasses and opened the book.

     “Now, you see, Timmy isn’t technically in violation of Da Rules because his godparents were seen by another actor in the toon industry. You however being in the union have transgressed against the most important Toon Law. You’ve tried to interfere in a very important and comedic Toon skit,” Axel spoke and winked at a camera that appeared and captured the perplexed expressions of the others in the room.

     “What are you talking about!? Let me see that!” Jorgan exclaimed and grabbed the book.

     His bulging muscles rippled under his green, army issued wife beater and he frowned. He dropped the book on the tabletop and looked pale.

     “But your skit is not funny,” he protested.

     “That doesn’t matter. Ohhhh, Vicky!” The rabbit called and the evil Vicky popped up though the treehouse entrance and clamped a chain around Jorgan’s wrists and attached it to a staff of arrogance which Axel now held. He laughed maniacally seeing his plan coming to fruition. Vicky wrapped her arms around Axel.

     “Oh! I love it when your evil plans come to fruition, my funny bunny! HAHAHAHAHA!” she joined Axel in his laughter.

     “NOOO!!! Cursed Corporate Code!” Jorgan let out and fell to his knees.

     “Wanda! Cosmo! Do something!” Timmy screamed slapping his hands to his face in terror at the thought inherent.

     “Sorry, Sport! The Corporate Code prevents us from interfering!” Wanda responded, gliding into the far corner with her cowering husband Cosmo.

     “What’s wrong, Jorgan? Do you… feel the need to… SCRAMBLE THE FAIRIES!? You know, in fact, I wish you would SCRAMBLE THE FAIRIES!!” Axel shouted, his eyes bulging in glorious anticipation, and rubbed his paws together eagerly.

     “No! I… I must scramble the fairies,” he reluctantly brought forth his massive wand and held it skyward as all reality seemed to tremble and he thundered, “SCRAMBLE THE FAIRIES!!”

     “Send them to where I will be! I wish the three of us, Vicky, myself, and you Jorgan, were at Corporate Headquarters!” Axel wished.

     “As you command, superior yet obnoxiously evil bunny,” Jorgan complied.

     With a poof, the three vanished leaving Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda alone in the treehouse.

     “Oh, crap! How come I still have you guys?” Timmy said, waving his hands emphatically in the air.

     “B—because Jorgan was in violation of Corporate policy,” Wanda spoke.

     “We’ve got to do something!” Timmy said.

     “What can we do? That’s one evil bunny!” Cosmo input.

     “I tried to tell you, but, OH NO, you said to be nice!” Timmy folded his arms across his chest and his big head throbbed trying to think what could be done.

     “Well, how was I supposed to know he was going to kidnap Jorgan and scramble the fairies. I wonder what he wants with them, anyway?” Wanda thoughtfully inquired.

     “Alright, I wish Jorgan was free of the Trixx Rabbit!” Timmy wished.

     “Sorry, Timmy. That would be interfering with Corporate policy,” Wanda replied and absently twirled her wand between her fingers.

     “Of course,” Timmy said and looked out the window.

     The world outside began transforming into a place of chaos. Houses started burning and the adults were suddenly engaged in child labor. They rushed the children into the streets and herded them towards the main city.

     “Uhm, guys, we have a problem,” Timmy bluntly stated.

     Then his parents were at the bottom of the treehouse and looking up at him. His dad was smiling from ear to ear and his mom held a whip.

     “Look, Timmy! We’re slave-drivers! Neat!” Dad spoke.

     “Now, you get down here right now, young man, so we can herd you into the city!” Mom said with an eager look in her eyes.

     “Cosmo! Wanda! What’s going on?” Timmy turned to the two fairies.

     “Fairy sense, tingling… it seems that… the Trixx Rabbit has turned all the children into unwilling slaves to do the evil deeds of his every desire!” Cosmo said as his green eyes went wide in terror.

     “Yes, and he wants one thing…” Wanda spoke from her hovering position with her legs crossed and her hands placed outward in meditation.

“Bring me all the Trixx cereal!! I want it ALL!!” Axel Rabbit spoke from his giant mech that had one foot crushing the towering Corporate building.

     Rubble fell into the streets as people rushed away in panic. The rabbit shouted, with arms raised, his desires. Fires blossomed in the city causing buildings to crumble and the sky to turn red with chaos. Screams of terror echoed throughout the cityscape.

     Jorgan hovered in the air beside the rabbit and took in the chaotic requiem. He was a little sad, but he couldn’t help but be proud at how efficient his fairy bombers were in handing out the unwarranted destruction. He glanced at Vicky in her throne that rose out of the ground and sat perched atop a massive, mountainous structure. A flat platform ringed the top of that mountain, upon which stood the large and pink colored Frankenberry; the creature responsible for delivering into Axel’s hands the enormous, mechanical monstrosity that he piloted. Jorgan could only shake his head in disbelief.

“This is terrible!” Timmy shouted as he gazed into the image Wanda projected into the air within the treehouse.

At the trapdoor, now blocked by various pieces of magically created furniture, pounded Mom and Dad with every intent of getting into Timmy’s sanctuary.

     “Open this door right now, Mister!” Mom screamed from below.

     “Yeah, we have to give the Master Rabbit his Trixx and force you to prostrate before him like a good little zealot!” Dad chimed in.

     “That does it! I wish we, meaning me, Wanda and Cosmo, were in the city!” Timmy pipped up.

     “Wow! How specific!” Cosmo exclaimed and the two fairies lifted their wands.

     A moment later, the trapdoor burst open and in came Mom and Dad. They looked around the now empty treehouse.

     “Ah, nuts. He got away. Oh, well, there’s still plenty of children in the neighborhood we can force to prostrate themselves before the Master Rabbit!” Dad said looking at Mom.

     “Yes, that’s right! We can get AJ and Chester!” Mom responded cheerfully.

     “Oh! Oh! And let’s not forget Tootie! …Hee, hee, hee! Deep Toot!” Dad smiled.

     “Let’s go!” Mom commanded and they dived back through the entrance.

Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda materialized in the downtown area right outside the headquarters to the Corporation. Hundreds of the denizens ran back and forth. Some had their head on fire while others were pursued by malevolent Ronald McDonald clones.

     “Oh my gosh! It’s worse than I thought!” Timmy shouted over the din of chaos.

     Above them, the rabbit saw the trio appear and was immediately enraged. He summoned forth his mightiest warriors and they came to stop Timmy and his godparents. Timmy saw them coming and jumped back in surprise. From the shadows came Axel’s minions: Lucky the lethal Leprechaun, who wielded a slinging, six-chained flail; Cuckoo the Cracked-up Coco-puff, who wielded deadly nunchaku; Boo-berry the malicious ghost, who wielded the spear of phantasmal might; Count Chocula the chocolatey vampire, who wielded the venomous fangs of deadly Kama-Sutra; and the howling Cookie Crisp beast with his Banshee’s voice.

     “Oh no! I wish these five would disappear!” Timmy shouted.

     “Sorry, sport,” Wanda started.

     “Let me guess, because they were magically created by Jorgan, your magic has no effect on them.” Timmy frowned with Wanda nodding in unfortunate agreement.

     Timmy had an idea and spoke his wish out loud,

     “I wish I was the world’s greatest card player!”

     Wanda and Cosmo lifted their wands and granted his wish. Timmy twirled into the air growing spikey brown and white hair and sporting a long, purple trench coat. Platforms appeared underneath him and the Trixx Rabbit who stared at Timmy maliciously.

     “Our magic may not be able to affect yours,” he stated with a deep voice, “But, I can counter your magic with my conjured cards of battle!”

     He summoned forth six cards into play knowing that the rabbit had one hidden on his battle stand that had formed beside his mech.

     “I summon Honeynut Bee, his sugary goodness can counter the quick flailing lethality of Lucky!” Timmy bellowed and the Bee flew forth from nothing.

     Honeynut looked at Lucky’s flail coming straight for him. He quickly buzzed through Lucky’s defenses and stung the Leprechaun on his butt sending him screaming in pain off the battlefield.

     “It’s magically Beevicious!” Lucky shouted in his retreat.

Anger brewed within Axel. He thrust out his arm and pointed towards Timmy in agitation.

     “Your Bee may have bested my Leprechaun, but he’ll fare little well against my Cuckoo-puff! Strong beaked lunatic of chocolate superiority, use your hypnotic gaze to fumble this Bee’s resolve!” Axel called.

     Cuckoo danced around in his insane cuckoo’s dance and caused the Honeynut Bee to lose his focus and sting himself. Honeynut crashed and burned into the fiery oblivion surrounding the combatants. Jeers from a gathered crowd emanated through the alleyways.

     “Mayday! Mayday! I’m going down!” Honeynut exclaimed.

     Drat, the Trixx Rabbit is tougher than I anticipated. Hmm, which card to play next? Timmy thought to himself, selecting from his deck. He drew forth a card.

     “Your psychotic loon may have bested my Bee, but let’s see how he fares against… Crazed Canine, Wile E. Coyote!” he commanded tossing his card down before him, “Unleash your Boulder Barrage!”

     Wile E. Coyote leapt into his flying contraption of questionable design and caused a whirlwind of large rocks to fly towards Cuckoo. Upon the floating battle arena, Cuckoo quickly evaded the barrage.

     “Cuckoo, whirlwind nunchaku attack!” Axel called as the Cuckoo blazed forth and destroyed the Coyote’s machine.

Wile E. Coyote displayed a ‘Help Me’ sign as he fell through a void in the arena floor and plummeted down into the city streets far below. Timmy witnessed a puffy cloud form and a bead of sweat formed on his forehead.

     This isn’t good. He’s still got five cards and I’m down two. Think! He stared at the hopping mad Cuckoo and noted the rabbit plotting his next move. I know!

     “Summon Cap’n Crunch and his ship of death! Crunchatize that bird under an avalanche of soggy splendor!” Timmy shot forth his arm after having played his card.

     Cap’n Crunch pushed an emergency button causing two cannons to fire a massive wave of soggy cereal unto the top of Cuckoo’s head. The bird quickly drowned without so much as a ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa-puffs.’ Axel steamed at this assault and smiled evilly.

     “Well played, Yu-Ti-Turner! But, let’s see how your Cap’n holds up against… Boo-berry’s ghostly revenge! Send this seafaring freak back to Davey-Jones’s locker!” Axel screamed as Boo-berry streaked forward and speared Cap’n Crunch through his chest.

     “Noooo!” screamed the Cap’n.

     “Your move, Turner!” Axel smiled viciously.

     Vicky stood up on her throne and shouted out a ‘whoop-whoop’. Timmy stood there staring at his three cards. He sweated profusely. He knew what card he had to play next, but would it also hold up against the attacks of Count Chocula, who would obviously come forward next?

     Here goes nothing…

     “So be it, Rabid-Rabbit! I summon Green-eyed, Danny Phantom! Unleash thermal conquest!” Timmy informed Danny as he shot out of nothingness and opened up his ghost catching thermos.

     Boo-berry disappeared with a howling protest. Axel stared in shock and looked at Timmy with renewed respect. Of course, Timmy knew what Axel would have to play next.

     “Count Chocula, turn this ghost-boy into a ghost-man!” Axel told Chocula who went towards Danny with his fangs bared.

     “Quickly, Danny, go intangible and de-fang that vampire!” Timmy commanded.

     Danny went intangible and did as instructed. The fangs on Count Chocula broke under the metallic assault of the blunt edge of Danny’s thermos. The Count skittered off in pain and disappeared from the field.

     “What!? No fair! No fair! You can’t make a move before me!” Axel angrily howled at Timmy.

     Timmy only smiled and rubbed his fist against his trench-coat.

     “Ah, but I am allowed one counter-strike, and Danny has a dual wield stat,” Timmy informed the rabbit cooly.

     “Is this true?” Axel inquired of Jorgan.

     “It says right here in the Toon Titans manual of battle etiquette that each player with a dual-wield card, can play a counter-strike option,” the master fairy happily said to a very disappointed Axel.

     “Fine. Howling Cookie Beast, eliminate this nuisance!” Axel responded in kind.

     A massive Banshee howl came forth and pierced Danny’s ghost abilities. Under the barrage, he was unable to maintain his ghost form and turned back into a human. He fell down with a scream following the path that Wile E. Coyote had taken not long before.

     “Timmy, you only have two cards left! What are you going to do?” Wanda queried with fear evident in her voice.

     “And the scary bunny still has a mystery card left!” Cosmo put in.

     “I know, I know,” Timmy replied.

     I’m only going to have one chance at this, I hope it works… he thought and closed his eyes in deep consideration. Breathing in a breath and slowly letting it back out, Timmy opened his eyes and calmly looked at the smug bunny across the arena from him.

     “Summon Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius! And because he has an added plus one bonus, I can play another card!” Timmy shouted as Jimmy Neutron sprung forth with a lethal looking mech-like robot suit, “I play ‘Acquire Enemy Card’!”

     “What!?” Axel screamed, lurching forward in panic.

     “Ah, the ‘Resurrection’ card. And since my hand is still in play, I call forth Danny Phantom! Danny, merge your ghost-ability with Jimmy’s anti-magic stat and send this hell-hound packing!” Timmy pointed at the fearful Cookie Crisp mutt.

A wave of phantasmal energy spewed forth and caused the dog to dissipate into nothing. Jimmy and Danny gave each other a high five while Timmy smiled triumphantly. Cosmo and Wanda hugged each other in bliss as Jorgan raised his wand in a whooping war cry.

     “Not so fast!” Axel countered and brought his mech back up to the building top he had been perched upon, “I still have infinite magic at my command! Jorgan, get rid of these pests!”

     “I don’t think so!” Timmy responded, “I get a one rule-free wish for defeating a psycho-Leporidae!” Timmy responded.

     “That’s ridiculous! Tell him, Jorgan!” Axel stood with his arms crossed.

     “Actually, it says right here that, in the event Timmy Turner defeats a psycho-Leporidae, he gets one rule-free wish,” Jorgan gleefully said with a pair of bi-focals upon his face.

     “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Axel huffed.

     Jorgan closed the Toon Titans manual. He turned to look at the rabbit and removed his glasses.

     “Jorgan Von Strangle never kids. He’s too busy scrambling the fairies!” he spoke.

     “I wish that Axel Rabbit had all the Trixx in the world!” Timmy wished.

     “Uhm, Timmy? Isn’t that giving him exactly what he wants?” Wanda inquired as she raised her wand.

     “Yup,” Timmy said simply.

     The Corporate building was magically filled with Trixx cereal which the gleeful rabbit dived into and started eating. Everyone stared at Timmy with questioning eyes. Vicky stood up and waved an enraged fist at Axel.

     “Are you nuts!? We have chaos to spread! You can eat the Trixx later!”

     “Can’t talk… busy eating…” Axel responded.

     “Hey, Jorgan, isn’t eating magically stolen Trixx from the Corporation against Da Rules?” Timmy asked with a smile.

     Jorgan stood there for a moment thinking. His muscles suddenly pulsed with great joy as the rabbit stuck his head up and looked at Jorgan with eyes reminiscent of a deer caught in headlights.

     “Yes. Yes. Yes, it is! Section 34 of passage 179 states that no one may eat magically stolen Trixx from the Corporation! Axel Rabbit, my binding to you is now void!” Jorgan shouted as his chain disappeared.

     “I wish everything was back to normal and the Trixx Rabbit was incarcerated!” Timmy happily proclaimed.

     Axel and Vicky looked up at them innocently. In the next instant, everything was transformed back to the way it was and Axel was behind bars.

     “It’s not fair. All I wanted was a damn bowl of cereal! But at least I got to enjoy some of that beautiful, fruity flavor!” he said to no one, because he was in jail.

Later, Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, and Jorgan enjoyed tea in the treehouse outside of Timmy’s house. They were all chattering happily when a knock at the trapdoor came. Timmy looked out the window and saw his parents below.

     “Hey, Timmy! Sorry about trying to enslave you and prostrate you before the crazy-bunny before!” Dad said.

     “Yeah, we’re sorry, honey!” Mom added.

     Timmy looked at the two of them and noticed something odd. He couldn’t help but point the scene out to his parents.

     “Uhm, why do you guys have AJ and Chester on a slave chain with spiked collars around their necks?”

     The two looked at Chester and AJ who stood there staring up at everyone. The group stood in silence for a few moments and then everyone burst out in laughter, including AJ and Chester.

     “Wait-a-minute, why are we in chains?” AJ inquired.

     Silence prevailed for a moment later and then the laughter picked back up.

Vicky was at the prison house a few months later when Axel was released. She hugged him and stroked his white fur. He hugged her back and then drew back. They both shared a longing gaze.

     “So, have any ideas?” Axel asked Vicky.

     “Oh, yeah. Soon, my funny-bunny, soon all the world will bow before us…” she smiled.

     “Uhn-hunnnm,” Axel cleared his throat.

     “And, all the world’s supply of Trixx will be yours,” she added looking away with a sigh.

     They both laughed maniacally and rubbed their hands and paws together in joyous anticipation.

     The End. For now…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

~Timothy S Purvis

Somebody on Deviantart by the name of Soltian I thought it was cool and used it as the cover for the Booksie offering of the story. He does some pretty cool stuff.

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