A Novel Experiment

I’ve been working on writing my new novel, Left of Midnight, for quite the chunk of time. The book itself has already been written once. The very, very, very rough draft of the original novel ran just shy of 70k words. This new take on it is just over 144k and sitting at only two thirds of the way through the book. The entire original draft was only one section of the new edition (that of course being the whole book and not just part one of three as it now stands). I just felt that the book (originally written in 2010) should finally see the light of day that he hadn’t before. That draft, of course, I made available on my Angelfire account. Yet, Angelfire doesn’t seem to be the website it once was. It’s a shadow of its former self, you might say. And that’s when it is even up and running .

(If you want to take a chance on that buggy site, the page is still up. Mostly. —>http://www.angelfire.com/indie/caeliclord/)

So, the reason for writing this up is this, I want to challenge myself to thoroughly finish the rewrite on the novel by posting what I’ve already got done here on my personal blog. It will be in micro chunks. Section I will be in micro-chapters such as 1.01 and 1.02. And I’ll keep going until I have the whole thing up and available (this will be before any serious delves into further drafts, of course. Consider this the rough draft version 2.0 offerings). Hopefully, I’ll have Section III finished well before I’ve finished posting the whole work up on this site.

Therefore, what I’m asking of you, dear reader, is that you feel free to comment on every offering that will be posted every Sunday for your viewing pleasure. At least, I’m aiming to have these published every Sunday. Maybe I’ll do it for my writing group so that I will make sure to make them available on time every time. However it turns out, please read the work, leave your thoughts on it, and give your Beta Reading impression on how it’s coming along. Once it’s completely finished (and hopefully I’ll have some feedback here on the work) I’ll shine it up and make it available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. I have other works available on there, you know. Posted those links in earlier blogs so feel free to check those out. I’m also working on putting together a collection of novellas to make available on my site. I’ll post a link to that here when that’s ready.

Expect the first offerings to be made available today at some point. Since I’m self publishing everything (not sure if I want to bother with the agents and traditional publishing anymore, it’s just too much of a pain and they are waaaaaaaaayyyyy too particular in what they expect out of your work), I’m not going to worry about the optics of making this available here. If people want to purchase my books, they’ll know where to go.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to check out this post and come back soon. There is more on the way and not just me posting this book but also putting other things up that may be writing related or may just be my view of the world these days. It’s a real mess, isn’t it? Just the whole planet losing its collective shit. Welp, what else can we do other than what we enjoy doing, eh? I like to write, animate, tell stories. I’m a storyteller. Not the world’s greatest storyteller by any means. But I’d like to think I’m still entertaining nonetheless.

Have a good day, folks. See you soon. Stay safe and keep being you.

~Timothy S Purvis

Look for this icon for the rough draft link file folders. It’ll be 100% Left of Midnight related and only Left of Midnight. Maybe I should make other works available here… just so folks can determine if they want to buy it or not… Hmmm…. We shall see…

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