Don’t Worry, I’m Not Turning Into The Home Shopping Network…

Well, it’s now February. I managed to get three collected works up and completed up on Amazon Kindle. I feel pretty good about that. I hope it wasn’t too many at once but I really wanted to get those works up and available. I’m proud of this accomplishment. My three works available are: Misaligned: The Soul Waxes Poetic, Star Cloud: The Original Scripts 2007-2012 CE (This is the paperback; for some reason some of my newer offerings refuse to link and I don’t know why; all of it can be found by searching Timothy S Purvis, however), and my collection of short stories, Tales From A Strange Mind (Also available as a digital download but for some reason won’t link up with its cousin; I must be doing something wrong there…). With all of these up, I think it’ll be a goodly bit until I have something else of note ready for purchase (of course, I do have a few short stories for 99 cents available; just a tickle for the pleasure, y’know!).

For now, I’m focusing on readying Red Star Sheriff for release. Either on Kindle or through an agent. I recently got a rejection from an agent, don’tcha know? She was really pleasant in regards to it. Said there were things she really loved about the project! But also that there were elements that didn’t work for her so she turned it down. She encouraged me to keep looking for another agent, however. And said to keep her in mind for any future projects because she’d be interested in looking it over. Very encouraging! As such, I think Red Star Sheriff might end up in circulation trying to find a home over the coming months. If I haven’t met with success in that regard by fall or early winter, I may just toss it up on Kindle and move along (I myself really like the story but I’m sick of looking at it! It needs to either get agented or out of my face! Grrrrr!)

I’m hoping to get a few more blogs up here in the next month. More than usual, I should say. I tend to ignore this blog way too much and must change that. Word has it that building a following actually helps an author. We shall see how true that mantra is by offering up thoughts from my mind every now and then. I won’t promise to be coherent every outing. But I will promise a little bit of entertainment one way or another. So, it’s worth dropping by to see what carnage I’m unleashing next.

Ha! I kill me!

I think I might look into putting something up here within the next week. Why not? Hey! If you guys have any thoughts or opinions on what I should maybe discuss or comment on, by all means, comment below and share your thoughts! Otherwise, I’m just going to find something that might be rambling, or something that might appeal to my general outrage, or endeavor to pursue topics that cover the gamut of writing and using one’s imagination. OH! I could share my thoughts about Rise of Skywalker! That would be fun, eh? Eh!?

Maybe I will at that. We shall see.

Anyhow, I’m done posting Amazon Kindle self-publications for the moment. So don’t worry about me bombarding this site with nonstop ‘buy my book’ sessions. For now, I’m going to sit back and focus on just thinking about life for a bit. It’s been… complex lately. Trying to make it as a writer is hard. And a pain in the ass. But being a minion for retail. Well, that’s a guaranteed success any old day. Yay!

Check back in soon, my friend. You will find something of consequence, I’m sure. Even if it’s just the inane posting to busy my frazzled mind. And, of course, thank you for reading. I hope I’ve been worth your time.


~Timothy S Purvis

A poem for the lovely young woman I would come to marry. I called it: You Are. And, clearly, it’s in the shape of a rose. Something like 2008 CE or so.

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