A Little Late…


I’m a little bit late in saying that. I’ve been fairly busy the start of this new year. And already so much is happening, innit? A looming impeachment trial, another election cycle, knife attacks are running rampant worldwide (for some… strange reason), threats of war are rearing their ugly heads nonstop, and I’m still trying to get published.

Well, I’m working on that matter as I type this. I didn’t really want to go the self publishing route, but I may have to after all. It’s a little irritating to say the least. However, it does offer a degree of freedom traditional publication doesn’t offer. Still, that would mean promoting myself and, by the spirits, I suck at that. Hard. That aside, I do have a few works available on my Kindle site. Nothing spectacular, of course. A book of poems, my collected scripts to my Star Cloud series I had on YouTube, and soon to be a collection of my short stories that I’ll be calling ‘Tales From A Strange Mind’. As far as Red Star Sheriff goes, well, that one is still marinating in the cycle of agent rejections so it may find its way onto that site sooner than later (done in by word counts! Grrr!). I think I can live with it though. I still have two other books I’m working on that I hope to have ready by summer. Maybe one of them will fare better in the agent seeking realm. Who knows.

Even so, I’ll post on here when I have new titles ready to go on my personal kindle site. I may just throw up random stuff there and try my hand at self promotion while choosing select titles to go through the rigmarole of the traditional publication way. Maybe that’ll become my thing. Self publish through my own means and have one book here and there on the mass market. Could work. Maybe. We’ll see.

Anyhow, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Christmas went by like a beast. Here one minute, gone the next. Next thing you know, it’s 2020. Hoping for a better year than last year. 2019 was a year of changes for me. New job (because the last one was becoming a little too political for my taste–honestly, this new one isn’t too far off that path either…), some health issues cropped up (I’m gaining too much weight and its affecting my esophagus. Gotta take care of that!), had a nervous break down because of everything I’ve been having to deal with emotionally… It never ends.

Yet, this year has gotten off on a fairly decent foot. Figured out how to work the Kindle formatting for once! Even got the paperback to my poems collection up and available!

Cover to my poems book.
The inside to one of the poems!

I gotta admit, I am pretty pleased to see my work in print even if this was really just a test overall! There are some minor corrections I have to do in relation to the paperback release I have to address. The most egregious being the index which accidentally has the wrong page numbers listed. No big deal. Pretty easy fix really. But I need to read through and make sure there are less of them and also be mindful in the future to make absolute sure those sort of errors don’t happen again.

My Star Cloud Scripts are available as a digital download right this second (by the way, the prices for the paperbacks are ridiculous. Just to get it printed you have to boost it almost to ten bucks or more! What the crap, Amazon!? Oh, well. Guess I’ll strive for more deals on any releases and let you fine folks know about them when they’re available. If you’re interested, of course), but I’m working on the paperback version right now. I think it’ll look great, but I’ll have to be cognizant of any errors BEFORE publishing the damn thing!

A preview of the Star Cloud Scripts cover. All in pencil, ink, and color pencil. It was tricky getting it copied and brought into my computer, I tell you what. Just an FYI, yes, I did draw this from beginning to end.

It’s been a great experience figuring out how to work the Kindle mechanics and knowing that I can just publish it and have the potential for folks to immediately gain access to my work. If there’s anything I can take away from it, it’s that I can now get all of my material printed out for my OWN personal collection! Then I can tell friends and family, ‘Look, I’ve got my work in publication!’ Of course, it does suck it doesn’t come with the legitimization of the traditional printing world. Though, they do seem to be some pretty picky people choosing only what they think will meet their needs at any given time. Which makes it difficult to potentially make your mark on the literary public. Oy. The trials and tribulations!

You can find my particular page on Kindle at (if this doesn’t link right, just type up ‘Timothy S Purvis’ under the Amazon.com search engine or type up ‘Misaligned’ or ‘Star Cloud Scripts’. Both should get you to my stuff. Which is only two works as of now):

Feel free to look the offerings over, buy, enjoy! If you’re Kindle Unlimited, it’s free to read! Could use some feedback on the books too. I’m not advertising them just yet, though. Because I’m waiting to see if I’ll be putting up Red Star Sheriff. However, I’ll probably promote my short story collection. Maybe that’ll bring some attention my way. It’ll be an experience, that’s for sure. A test run on if this is a viable means or not. Hopefully it’ll work out. One way or another.

My apologies for how long this post has taken to make available. I’ve been quite busy, as I’ve said. But, I should’ve tried to make some time sooner, I think. After all, I can make time to play NHL 20 on the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the Resident Evil 2 Remake (all awesome, btw)! Gotta put more effort in building this image of mine. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart all of you who follow this blog and like it. It means a lot. I hope I’m offering something of use here. And not just filling your lives with more pretentious ramblings! Heh, heh, ha… ah, yes.

Anyhow, I should have some more coming up and I hope you stick around. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future announcements. They ARE coming. Yes they are.

~Timothy S Purvis

PS: Is it just me, or has Word Press changed their blasted block settings again? It’s aggravating, folks! Grrrr!

Unknown woman. Drawn around 2005 CE. Saw this picture in a magazine and thought, ‘I have to draw this’. So, I did. Straight up pencils. I think it turned out quite well!

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