Another Year Come And Gone

Here it is, the end of November 2019. I haven’t posted anything yet this month and I suppose this will be one of the last few posts of the year. Mostly, there’s just too much to do to prepare for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… Christmas shopping to be done and finished! I’m proud to say that I’m almost done with it and that pleases me to no end. I’m putting the finishing touches on some figures I’ve been making for family members and I’m working on a rewrite for an old book I wrote some years back. That one I think is my next major project while I set aside Red Star Sheriff (the search for an interested agent is not going well, sad to say. There’s something to be said about your first official book being under a certain wordcount. They just won’t even entertain the notion of reading it unless it’s under 120k. Oopsie-dei). I am also working on throwing together a short story collection of nineteen stories I wrote over the years that I’m just going to make available on kindle. I’ve…. mentioned that before, I think. Oh well. Just goes to show that I’ve got a lot on my plate as we enter 2020 CE.

As such, I just wanted to post this up here to let those who actually follow this inconsistent blog of mine that I’ll be taking a two month breather. I’ll be back on here sometime in late January early February I think and hopefully I’ll have more to offer than the slim pickings of this last month. But never fear! I will be leaving you with yet another silly poem of mine and maybe one other post about… something. Just for good measure, you could say.

It’s truly amazing how fast this year has gone. I started a new job back in January and here it is nearly a year later and it only feels like a few months have passed. I’ve done so much writing I’ve lost track on how many words I’ve put to page (I’ve lost my main arena of writing at my job. During down time, the boss would let me write in my notebook and I would be able to flesh out anywhere from 2k to 5k words in a sitting. Now, since the lab burned down-I work for a glasses making facility-I’ve had to suffer with just READING of all things! But, never fear, I get to have my kindle reader and I’ve discovered I can open up a word document in it and type one letter at a time using the old fashioned hen pecking technique! Sure, I only get 700 to 1200 words typed up but it’s better than nothing, I tell you what!). I had a near total breakdown mentally, convincing my wife we needed to see a psychiatrist. I went because I love her but she called it after two sessions. Not because I was being obstinate but rather because the doctor thought we had a good relationship and that I need to not drink so much on a night out. Apparently, I get really weepy when drunk. So there’s that! My son moved out and got his own place. I thought it was about time. My wife is suffering from a small bout of empty nest syndrome. But the dishes are FINALLY staying clean!

And now I have myself a new room for my animation studio slash gym. And all things considered, I’m feeling pretty good about life. Sure, I’m still unpublished, but I have a lot of writing left in me so that’s not going anywhere soon. I think I have what three more books I’m working on right now? No, four. If I include the silly little short story collection that I’m putting together for shits and giggles! Ah yes. When that’s done I’ll definitely put up the link here.

Anyhow, all I’m trying to say is that I hope you all have some happy holidays and that the drama is kept to a minimum. All any of us can ask for is some fun, relaxation, and getting into the new year free from worry. Next year, is another story. It’s an election year! Yay! Right! …Right? Oy vey.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Blessed Be Your Yuletide cheer, Happy Hanukkah, Chanukah, Emo Day, Solstice, Festivus, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and whatever else you might celebrate! Even if it’s just about cookies! You do you and see you next year! So mote it be.

~Timothy S Purvis

Man In The Desert~1994 CE Timothy S Purvis Oil Painting on Canvas (Man, ain’t this an old one!?)

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