A Poem: ‘Randomnity’

Okay, so I do have a lot of poems. Not all are really good. This one, though, fits the period of time I’m living through. What does it mean? That things are just random. I was going for a rhythm based process, if I remember correctly. So, it isn’t in a literary sense sort of way. Mostly, just emotional based. I think it’s also with a numerical pattern. Very experimental time I was in. Time to dredge it back up!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy.


Bitzer Colloquial

To Battle Baffled Solemnity

Cold Hearted Referendum

Shadow Blew Past

To Which It Delved

View Eschewed

Willful Disobedience

Into The Void

Haphazard Chance Of Peace

Four Four Three Two

Give Me Thus

Formal Read

~Timothy S Purvis

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