Monthly Update

So, still working voraciously on finishing my book. The reworking of the third draft is slowing me down as I’ve found major sections that need rewritten. However, I think it reads far better now and will end up being an enjoyable read. At least I think so. Maybe that’s all I’m writing it for: myself. But, then again, is that so wrong? Aren’t we all just writing these stories for ourselves with the hope others will want to read it? And not just read it, but give us money too! Ah, yes. Wouldn’t that be nice? But one must enjoy their work first, not after. And certainly not hate it. If you hate it, why are you doing it? Your craft must have love in it. And I’m feeling pretty happy about what I’m writing. I mean, it’s violent, but it’s a complete work, so, there’s that.

Anyhow, that’s me just checking in and sharing the news of where I’m at. I’m currently over halfway through polishing up my manuscript and still eyeing late summer to early fall to find an agent. I know, I keep pushing it back. Mostly because I keep finding areas needing more work. But it’ll get there! I swear it! In the meantime, I’ve also been reading constantly when I’ve worn out my wrist rewriting each word longhand. Man, I’m a masochist.

Thanks for reading and if there’s ever a thought in your mind about what you want to see me address or talk about, just share it below. I promise I’ll have something more to post by the end of the month. Something involving my writing methods maybe…

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