When Did You Know You Wanted To Write?

This is such an interesting question. I’ve seen many people ask it of established authors. It seems like a question that potential writers ask to make sure they’re not losing their minds because this bug to write has bitten them hard. And it isn’t a bad question. However, I think it’s potentially loaded. Mostly because nobody approaches writing the same way, and everybody comes at it from a different source of inspiration.

My first desire to start writing was way back in the late 80’s. I loved this video game called ‘The Legend Of Zelda.’ And I had this thought, what if I wrote a book about the characters? It was going to be about a human being from Earth who crashlands on the continent of Hyrule and ends up involved in the political intrigue of the land and the conflict between Gandalf, Zelda, and Link. Did I know where the story was going to go? Absolutely not! And I never finished it either! Which would be true of a great many stories I’ve started over the years yet never managed to finish off. Probably because it’s easy to start a story but incredibly difficult to see it through to the end. So if you have a story that has a beginning, middle, and end, and you’ve finished even just a rough draft, consider yourself an elite even if you never get it published. Because it’s incredibly difficult to see a work through to the end.

Since those days of trying to write a Legend of Zelda book (which I should really just write just for the shits and giggles of it and post it to Booksie), I’ve written dozens of short stories, three books, and numerous non-fiction works. Yet, I’ve only ever gotten one short story published: Fire In My Pie. And that was in a Turkish magazine courtesy of my penpal. THAT’S how difficult it is to get published. And I’ve submitted dozens of stories and inquiries. This book I’m currently writing will be my first attempt to get an actual agent. And, yes, I have published some stuff to Kindle. Including a collection of my short stories. I sold all of two copies over three years.

So why write then? Well, I would say it isn’t about potential fame or prosperity. Making a living out of it would be awesome! Then I could write all the time, pay the bills, and keep the house clean as I care for the family! But, that aside, I write because I love it. I love spinning tall tales and just delving into a world that came from my own imagination. It’s awesome.

My next major attempt to get serious about writing was when I was trying to write a synopsis for Gambit to submit to Marvel. It went nowhere. But it was a result of the urge to write that I’ve held since, well, eight years of age I’m sure. Maybe even all my life! I once had ideas for a Beetlejuice 2, Star Trek V (before that was even a movie), Back To The Future IV, and Star Wars! I even wrote a book based on Mass Effect 3 for my wife one Christmas reimagining the game’s events. I just like to write. I always have. The drive is just about telling stories of things and events that spur my own imagination. And sharing that craziness would be amazing.

I don’t know if I’ll ever manage to get professionally published. But I can tell you this, I will write this three book series and probably even more. If only to tell myself that story so that I can let my imagination run free. I’ve known I wanted to write since I first knew what a story was.

When did you know you wanted to write?

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