Time To Get Back To Work

I’ve recently finished up my beta read and sent it off to the woman who wrote the book. It had some intriguing concepts but the execution left little to be desired. Hopefully my thoughts and comments will help her moving forward so that she can make the story what it’s supposed to be. Now, I’m moving back on to my own book. I’ve rewritten the first five chapters so far and am pushing through with further edits. If I can pace myself right, I’ll be looking for an agent come the end of summer. ‘If’ being the operative term. It takes a long while to get a book done. Writing it was easy. I wrote it over a five or six month span. Editing it for publication, on the other hand, well that’s just a nightmare. Sometimes enjoyable, but very time consuming as you re-read every line, pour over every word, and hope that you can get it into a shape readers will enjoy.

I’ve read a few books recently, as well during downtime. Finished up a few Stephen King books. I finally got through the Stand which wasn’t the best I’ve read by King. Honestly I was put off by all the religious mumbo-jumbo. But, it was written well and ended… hopefully? Eh. I also finished off Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the Shining. That one was better if not a little basic in the story department. It presented a first time scenario that I’ve never seen from King before. I won’t spoil it, but normally he’s a very kill happy writer. So far my favorite book by him is ‘It’. But, isn’t that to be expected? As for other books, I’ve been reading the Neverending Story and it’s pretty good. Very much like the movie with many scenes that expand on character thoughts. I understand that the original author thought the movie was ‘revolting’, though I haven’t the faintest clue why. I’ve read some Star Wars, and been trying to get through the book ‘Six Gun Planet’ by John Jakes. His style is… perplexing. I was hoping to draw some inspiration from it to help me better evolve my own work, but it’s been a fairly boring read so far. However, I’m going to finish it, garsh-darnnit!

My progress has also been slowed because it’s playoff season in hockey. And I’ve been watching my favorite team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, tear it up. Go CBJ! But now, I must get serious and start writing some more. Thought that since it’s been almost a month since my last posting, I should probably share something. Updates are fun, right? Heh. Okay. I hope to have some better, more thoughtful insights later on before another month has past. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to share and/or talk about. Particularly when it comes to writing. It’s been an adventure but I’m a pretty insular person. So we’ll see what I come up with. As always if you have thoughts on subjects you’d like to see gotten into, just drop a comment down below.

Thanks for reading! Catch ya on the flip side!

~Timothy S Purvis

PS: Is it just me, or are the new block layouts on WordPress a little janky and limited? Maybe it’s just me…

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