The State Of My Latest Draft

I’ve been working on my book, Red Star Sheriff, for the last year and a half and I’m pleased to say, proud even, that my third draft is going along smoothly. I’ve been tightening up plot elements and reveling in how much more life my characters are taking on. The story is becoming stronger and more refined and it feels so much more polished. However, I’m a little worried by the fact that I’m ADDING to the word count rather than reducing the bulky 153 thousand that’s already there. I’m hoping once I’ve finished the whole thing, I’ll be able to go through and trim a further 20% just to be on the safe side. However, I still feel that I’ll be able to start looking for an agent come the end of summer. My attention to the story is increasing as I push harder towards meeting my own deadline.

Does having my own deadline help? Hmmm. That’s a good question and I think that might be a subject I want to visit in a future post. Right now, having that focus is keeping me on task. But whether it’s necessary or not, I couldn’t say. What I will say, is that I’m furiously writing away and getting the book to where it needs to be. Almost there!

If you think there are any topics you’d like to hear my thoughts on, leave a comment and I’ll think about how I’d approach the idea. Keep it writing related though unless there’s a topic you think is worth having a conversation about. Though, I’m trying not to be distracted by internet outrage! Thanks for reading and will post again soon!

~ Timothy Scott Purvis

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