And Now For Another Poem: ‘O’Chicken’

I’ve got another old poem for you to enjoy. I wrote it for a poetry class I was taking. It was just for extra credit and it allowed me to flesh out my writing skills on a small scale. I think it helped me start thinking about creativity in the writing process. I will admit that I found it pretty easy and I wondered why others had issues trying to flesh out the rhythm and process of the poetic structure, however, I know that from my perspective today that poetry does challenge you to think in a different way. So here it is. This month’s selection.



            Clucking bird of the farmyard

            Pecking seed and grit

            And scratching dirt

            White feathered friend and

            Hardened beak

     Flightless hen try as you might

Strange avian

            That cowardly creature

            How so came you to be

            Representative of fear’s edge

            That we shudder and tremble

            And cower so to be said

     You chicken


            Is given over to the bunny

            Yet the bunny clucks

            How can the bunny cluck

            If the bunny is not a chicken

            Or is it

     For apparently the bunny lays eggs

Deliciously tempting

            Legs as a chicken

            Curvaceous luscious and smooth

            Causing grown men to crow


            Chasing you as you run

     As a hen fleeing the fox

Finger lickin’ good

            The roasting sound of taste

            Crispy and fried

            Barbecued and flame broiled

            The tongue salivates in anticipation

            Of that first bite


Thanks for reading! Catch you next time and feel free to follow and comment!

~ Timothy S Purvis

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