Games Beaten As Of 2018

I thought it was time to share more of my accomplishments! I posted a list a few years back but I’ve had plenty of time since then to add to the list. So as of April 6th, 2018, these are the games I’ve beaten! (Bear in mind, there are some that aren’t so much “beaten” as they are turned over. In the case of the NHL games, I take it to my first Stanley Cup victory and consider that a ‘win’ since those games go on for eternity and don’t actually have a game over credit roll. Same is true of other sports games.) Even given those facts, I feel pretty accomplished for my list here! A list I started compiling back in the early 90s because, as a youth, I wanted to know just what games I’d finished. And it’s only grown longer since then. If you’re reading this, THANKS! Elsewise, this is purely for me!




100TH PLACED GAMES (IE GAME #100, #200, #300, ETC ETC)




Baseball        (#1)                                         NES

Wizards N Warriors                                    NES

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  2


The Legend of Zelda                                    NES

Tiger Heli                                                      Rounded Out           NES

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  2


Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest                   NES

Abadox                                                        w/code           NES

Astyanax                                                    w/code           NES

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  3


Dragon Spirit                                               NES

Dragon Warrior                                           NES

Pro Wrestling                                               NES

Bad Dudes                                                    w/code           NES

Robocop                                                        NES

Monster Party                                              NES

Skate Or Die                                                 Rounded Out               NES

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles                   ARC

TMNT 2: The Arcade Game                       NES

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  9


Faxanadu                                                      NES

Yo! Noid                                                        NES

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  2


Tiny Toon Adventures                                 NES                                                                March

TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project             NES                                                                March

Super C (Super Contra)                              w/code   NES                                                                April

Rescue Rangers                                            NES                                                                June

Ducktales                                                      NES                                                                July

Super Mario World                                     SNS                                                                 Aug

TMNT IV: Turtles in Time  (#25)              SNS                                                                 Sept

Quackshot                                                    GEN                                                               Oct

 Contra                                                         w/code          NES                                           Nov

Sonic The Hedgehog                                   GEN                                                               Dec

Xardion                                                         SNS                                                                 Dec

TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan                     GBY                                                                Dec

                                                                                                           Total For Time Period: 12


TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist                   GEN                                                               Jan

Buster Douglas Boxing                              GEN                                                               Jan

Krusty’s Super Funhouse                           SNS                                                                 Feb

Bases Loaded                                               GBY                                                                Feb

Bonk’s Adventure                                        TGS                                                                March

Super Castlevania IV                                  SNS                                                                 March

WWF: Royal Rumble                                  SNS                                         01                    June

Batman Returns                                           SNS                                        14                    June

Tiny Toon Adventures:  Buster’s Hidden Treasure        GEN                07                    July

The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link              NES                30                    July

The Legend of Zelda III: A Link To The Past                  SNS                03                    Aug

Splatter House                                              TGS                                        18                    Aug

Jurassic Park                                                GEN                                       07                    Sept

Golden Axe                                                   SCD                                        15                    Oct

Silpheed                                                         SCD                                                                Nov

Mortal Kombat                                             SNS                                         09                    Nov

Starfox                                                           SNS                                                                 Nov

Robocop 2                                                     NES                                        15                    Nov

The Legend of Zelda IV: Link’s Awakening           GBY                          25                    Nov

Jurassic Park            (#50)                          SNS                                         14                    Dec

Sonic The Hedgehog 2                                GEN                                       28                    Dec

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck                     SCD                                                                Dec

                                                                                                            Total for Time Period: 22


Micro Machines                                           GEN                                       22                    Jan

Sonic The Hedgehog                                   SCD                                        03                    March

Sonic The Hedgehog 3                                GEN                                       05                    March

TMNT: Tournament Fighters                    GEN                                                               June

TMNT: Tournament Fighters                    SNS                                         14                    July

Cool Spot                                                      GEN                                       29                    Aug

Mortal Kombat II                                         SNS                                         13                    Sept

Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic & Knuckles (1,2,3)     GEN                          01                    Nov

Donkey Kong Country                                SNS                                         24                    Dec

 Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition              GEN

                                                Raptor Ending                                              28                    Dec

                                                Grant Ending                                                29                    Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 10


Rock N Roll Racing                                     SNS

                                                Regular Ending                                            02                    Jan

                                                Warrior Ending                                            02                    Jan

                                                Veteran Ending                                            03                    Jan

Mario Andretti Racing                                GEN                                       10                    Jan

Robocop Vs Terminator                             SNS                                         22                    Jan

Sunset Riders                                                GEN                                                               June

Silver Surfer                                                  w/code           NES                04                    July

Rocket Knight Adventures                          GEN                                       10                    July

Lagoon                                                          SNS                                         15                    July

Zool 2                                                             JAG                                       

Super Mario Bros 3 (Mario All Stars)     SNS                                         10                    Aug

Super Mario Bros 2 (Mario All Stars)     SNS                                         27                    OCT

Chaotix                                                          32X                                                                 Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 11


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island      SNS                                         21                    Jan

Illusion of Gaia        (#75)                          SNS                                         31                    Jan

Super Mario RPG                                        SNS                                         06                    July

Tekken                                                           PSX                                                                Sept

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest           SNS                      11                    Sept

Super Mario 64                                            N64                                         17                    Oct

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  6


Suikoden                                                        PSX                                        08                    June

Vandal Hearts                                              PSX                                        13                    June

Starfox 64                                                      N64                                         06                    July

Tomb Raider                                                 PSX                03:15 AM      01                    Sept

Final Fantasy VII                                        PSX                03:40 AM      12                    Sept

X-Men Vs. Streetfighter                              ARC                                        22                    Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  6


Tomb Raider II                                             PSX                                        16                    Jan

Resident Evil 2                                             PSX

                                                Leon Ending                                                 04                    May

                                                Claire Ending                                                                       June

Tekken 3                                                        PSX                                        04                    May

X-Men Vs. Streetfighter (Import)              SAT                                                                 July

The Legend of Zelda V: Ocarina Of Time                  N64      01:25 AM      10             Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  5


Resident Evil: Director’s Cut                    PSX

                                                Jill Valentine                                                01                    May

                                                Chris Redfield                                                                      May

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  1


The Legend of Zelda VI: Majora’s Mask         N64                                15                    Nov

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis                            DRC                                       06                    Dec

Resident Evil: Code Veronica                   DRC                                       13                    Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  3


Final Fantasy IX                                          PSX                                                                Apr

Legend of Dragoon                                     PSX                                                                Sept

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver                     PSX                                                                Nov

Timesplitters                                                 PS2                                                                 Nov

Final Fantasy X                                           PS2                                                                 Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  5


Forgotten Realms: Baldur’s Gate (#100) PS2                                                                 Mar

Star Wars: Rogue Leader (Rogue Squadron II)       NGC                                               Apr

Resident Evil (Remake)                              NGC

                                                Jill Valentine                                                03                    May

                                                Chris Redfield                                                                      May

Starcraft                                                        CPU                                                               Aug

Timesplitters 2                                              NGC                                                               Oct

Halo                                                               XBX

                                                Normal Mode                                                                       Oct

                                                Legendary Mode                                                                 

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy      PS2                                                                 Nov

Dragonball Z: Budokai                              PS2                                                                 Nov

Silent Hill 2                                                   XBX

                                                Reg Game w/James: Walking Away                                 Nov

                                                Restless Dreams: Mary                                                       Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  9


Resident Evil 0                                             NGC                                                               Feb

The Legend of Zelda VII: Windwaker      NGC                                       07                    Apr

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic      XBX

                                                Light Side Ending                                        27                    July

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell                        XBX                                                                July

Metal Gear Solid                                         PSX                                                                Aug

Star Wars: Rebel Strike (Rogue Squadron III)       NGC                                              Sept

Soul Caliber II                 NGC       UsingLink                                                                  Nov

Final Fantasy X-2                                        PS2

                                                Standard Ending                                          25                    Dec

                                                Special Ending I                                                                   Dec

Kingdom Hearts                                           PS2                                         30                    Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  9


Silent Hill 3                                                   PS2

                                                Good Ending                                                02                    Jan

Beyond Good & Evil                                   PS2                                         02                    Feb

Silent Hill                                                      PSX

                                                Bad Ending                                                                           Mar

Devil May Cry                                              PS2                                                                 Mar

Thief: Deadly Shadows                               XBX                22:00 PM      05                    June

Star Ocean: Till The End of Time             PS2

                                                Pepito Ending                                                                       Aug

                                                Sophia Ending                                                                      Aug

                                                Nel Ending                                                                            Aug

Halo 2                                                            XBX

                                                Normal Mode                                               11                    Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  7


Resident Evil 4         (#125)                        NGC               02:30 AM      03                    Feb

The Granstream Saga                                 PSX                17:30 PM      10                    Feb

Wild Arms 3                                                  PS2                 00:58 AM      14                    Mar

Silent Hill 4: the Room                               PS2                 00:31 AM      23                    Mar

Timesplitters: Future Perfect                    PS2                 21:10 PM      29                    Mar

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow      XBX     16:16 PM      30            Mar

Okage Shadow King                                    PS2                 00:29 AM      13                    Apr

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory      XBX         22:35 PM      13                    June

Haunting Ground                                        PS2

                                                Good Ending                        02:40 AM      28                    June

Arc The Lad: Twilight of Spirits                PS2                 03:15 AM      30                    June

Ico                                                                  PS2                 17:25 PM      06                    July

Xenosaga                                                      PS2                 18:45 PM      15                    July

Star Wars: KOTOR II: The Sith Lords     XBX

                                                Light Side Ending                14:10 PM      11                    Aug

Contra: Shattered Soldier                          PS2                 17:10 PM      15                    Aug

Jade Empire                                                 XBX

                                                Good Ending                        15:39 PM      17                    Aug

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim                      PS2                 15:40 PM      22                    Aug

Xenosaga II                                                   PS2                 23:52 PM      28                    Aug

Sly Cooper & The Thievus Raccoonus     PS2                 23:31 PM      02                    Sept

Sly 2: Band of Thieves                                PS2                 20:15 PM      09                    Sept

Jak II                                                              PS2                 20:45 PM      15                    Sept

Jak 3                                                               PS2                 17:32 PM      19                    Sept

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves                     PS2                 18:27 PM      01                    Oct

Xenogears                                                     PSX                17:25 PM      14                    Oct

Mercs (Capcom collection)                        PS2                 15:29 PM      19                    Oct

Forgotten Worlds                                        PS2                 14:19 PM      20                    Oct

1943 KAI (Capcom Collection)     (#150) PS2                 11:05 AM      11                    Nov

Wild Arms                                                     PSX                15:11 PM                              Dec

Wild Arms 2nd Ignition                                PSX                13:01 PM      22                    Dec

Ratchet & Clank                                          PS2                                                                 Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 29


Sailor Moon S (Import)                              SGG               18:51 PM      05                    Feb

Wild Arms: 4th Detonator                           PS2                 01:47 AM      22                    Feb

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King


                                                Normal Ending                     00:50 AM      22                    Mar

                                                Special Ending                     12:13 AM      01                    May

Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermilion        

                                                                        PSP                18:37 PM      31                    Mar

 Kingdom Hearts II                                     PS2

                                                Standard Ending                  20:54 PM      04                    Apr

                                                Special Ending                     02:23 AM      26                    Apr

Thief: The Dark Project                             CPU               18:29 PM      14                    June

Radiata Stories                                             PS2

                                                Non-Human Ending            23:17 PM      18                    June

Star Ocean: The 2nd Story                           PSX

                                                Rena/Claude Ending           23:45 PM      06                    July

Grandia III                                                    PS2                 14:06 PM      21                    July

Heroes of the Pacific           Pilot               PS2                 15:43 PM      31                    July

Darkwatch                            Cowboy         PS2                 18:58 PM      02                    Aug

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus      PS2

                                                Hard                                       23:36 PM      18                    Aug

                                                Special Ending                     16:04 PM      20                    Aug

Xenosaga III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

                                                                        PS2                 00:15 AM      20                    Sept

Final Fantasy XII                                        PS2                 00:55 AM      24                    Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 14


Rogue Galaxy                                               PS2                 12:42 AM      27                    Apr

Splinter Cell: Double Agent                       360                 01:34 AM      18                    July

Prey                                                                360                 22:30 PM      28                    Aug

Blue Dragon                                                 360                 22:00 PM      16        Sun     Sept

 Blazing Angels                     Veteran          360                 00:06 AM      25        Tue     Sept

Halo 3                                    Normal          360                 23:56 PM      26        Wed    Sept

Bioshock                                Normal          360

                                                Little Sister Savior               22:54 PM      08        Thu     Nov

Assassin’s Creed      (#175)                        360                 03:45 AM      30        Fri      Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  8


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare              360

                                                Normal                                  01:57 AM      20        Thu     Mar

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed             360

                                                Light Side                              13:20 PM      28        Fri      Nov

Mirror’s Edge                      Normal          360                 01:39 AM      25        Thu     Dec

Silent Hill Homecoming     Normal          360                 02:40 AM      26        Fri      Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  4


Star Ocean: The Last Hope                        360                                                                 Mar

Star Ocean: First Departure                     PSP                19:30 PM      08        Wed    Apr

Mass Effect                                                   360                 01:56 AM      02        Sat      May

Resident Evil 5                                             360                 02:53 AM      11        Mon    May

Shadow of the Colossus                              PS2                 20:40 PM      06        Thu     Aug

Steambot Chronicles                                   PS2                 00:00 AM      22        Sat      Aug

Max Payne                                                    PS2                 13:30 PM      18        Fri      Sept

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne      PS2                 00:26 AM      06        Tue     Oct

Dead Space                                                   360                 19:34 PM      06        Fri      Nov

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core                   PSP                01:01 AM      08        Sun     Nov

Assassin’s Creed II                                      360                 13:35 PM      23        Mon    Nov

Silent Hill Origins                                       PS2                 11:14 AM      07        Mon    Dec

Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines                      PSP                15:10 PM      08        Tue     Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 13


Final Fantasy IV                                          NDS                19:22 PM      31        Sun     Jan

Mass Effect 2                                                360                 02:18 AM      02        Tue     Feb

Final Fantasy XIII                                       360                 00:36 AM      07        Wed    Apr

Final Fantasy                                               PSP                19:00 PM      22        Thu     Apr

Silent Hill Shattered Memories                 PS2                 15:15 PM      22        Fri      Oct

Assassin’s Creed II: Brotherhood            PS3                 00:36 AM      01        Wed    Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  6


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune                     PS3                 21:38 PM      18        Tue     Jan

Dead Space 2            Normal (#200)          PS3                 19:54 PM      01        Tue     Feb

Dead Space: Extraction                             PS3                 14:08 PM      09        Wed    Feb

Bioshock 2                                                     PS3                 23:07 PM      11        Fri      Nov

Assassin’s Creed II: Revelations              PS3                 17:37 PM      17        Thu     Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  5


Mass Effect 3                                                360                 18:15 PM      09        Fri      Mar

Silent Hill Downpour                                  PS3                

                                                Normal Ofr.Imprisoned      15:15 PM      24        Tue     Apr

Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves        PS3                 22:37 PM      06        Sun     May

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim                      PS3                 19:15 PM      29        Tue     May

Assassin’s Creed III                                    PS3                 21:20 PM      04        Sun     Nov

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period:  5


Batman: Arkham Asylum                            PS3                 01:26 AM      04        Fri      Jan

Dishonored                                                   PS3                

                                                Good Ending                        16:40 PM      15        Fri      Feb

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time                      PS3                 21:29 PM      27        Wed    Feb

Bioshock: Infinite                                        PS3                 19:35 PM      01        Mon    Apr

Tomb Raider                                                 PS3                 16:17 PM      14        Tue     May

The Simpsons Arcade                                  360                 21:37 PM      28        Tue     May

The Last of Us                                              PS3                 01:12 AM      05        Fri      July

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag               PS3                 20:20 PM      10        Sun     Nov

One Night                                                      CPU               02:52 AM      21        Thu     Nov

                                                                                                             Total For Time Period:  9


Red Dead Redemption                                PS3                 01:45 AM      03        Fri      Jan

Heavy Rain                                                   PS3                 03:34 AM      10        Fri      Jan

                                                ~Jayden dies

                                                ~Shaun saved

Saints Row IV                                               PS3                 02:40 AM      04        Tue     Feb

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception              PS3                 01:46 AM      05        Wed    Feb

Injustice: Gods Among Us                         PS4                 00:05 AM      15        Sat      Feb

Outlast                                                           PS4                 20:24 PM      19        Wed    Feb

Thief                                                               PS4                 21:55 PM      04        Tue     Mar

South Park: Stick of Truth (#225)             PS3                 02:28 AM      07        Fri      Mar

Lone Survivor                                               PS3                 02:52 AM      07        Mon    Apr

Assassin’s Creed IV.2: Freedom Cry          PS4                 02:22 AM      13        Sun     Apr

Assassin’s Creed III.2: Liberation HD      PS3                 01:48 AM      17        Thu     Apr

Thomas Was Alone                                     PS3                 01:20 AM      22        Tue     Apr

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II          PS3                

                                                Light Side                              11:09 PM      08        Thu     May

Dead Space 3                                                PS3                 03:09 AM      20        Tue     May

Wolfenstein The New Order                       PS4                 03:18 AM      31        Sat      May

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion               PS3                 00:46 AM      03        Tue     Jun

P.T. [Silent Hills Teaser]                             PS4                 17:10 PM      25        Mon    Aug

Soundless Mountain II                               CPU               01:00 AM      09        Mon    Dec

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 18


Assassin’s Creed IV.3: Rogue                   PS3                 03:56 AM      03        Sat      Jan

NHL 13 [Stanley Cup Winner]                  PS3                 02:05 AM      09        Fri      Jan

Assassin’s Creed V: Unity                          PS4                 22:34 PM      11        Sun     Jan

NHL 14                                                          PS3

                        Memorial Cup                                                                                              Jun

Tomb Raider and the Temple of Osiris    PS4                 18:00 PM      10        Tue     Nov

King’s Quest          PS4            Chapter 1                         23:05 PM      24        Thu     Dec                

                                                                                                             Total For Time Period: 6

                                                                                                            Total All Time:          241


Firewatch                                                      PS4                 05:16 AM      08        Tue     March

Until Dawn                                                   PS4                 22:41 PM      04        Thurs  Aug

                                    Mostly Dead

Life Is Strange                                              PS4                 22:12 PM      12        Wed    Oct

                                                                                                            Total For Time Period: 3

                                                                                                            Total All Time:          244


Final Fantasy XV                                         PS4                 01:38 AM      06        Fri      Jan

Resident Evil VII                                          PS4                 23:25 PM      08        Wed    Feb

Mass Effect: Andromeda                            PS4                 19:09 PM      07        Fri      Apr

Passportout                                                  PC                  23:34 PM      09        Fri      Jun

South Park Fractured But Whole              PS4                 13:51 PM      21        Sat      Oct

                                                                                                             Total For Time Period: 5


Assassin’s Creed Origins   (#250)            PS4                 23:42 PM      06        Sat      Jan

Horizon Zero Dawn                                    PS4                 22:18 PM      06        Fri      Apr

                                                                                                             Total For Time Period: 2

                                                                                                            Total All Time:         251


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