Home Again

So, I’m not sure when I’ll be blogging again. I moved in June back to Dayton Ohio and have gotten settled in pretty good. I’m in the process of developing my first video game and working on revising my Mass Effect Reimagined story so that I can put it up online. I’m also trying to find a new job given that Wal-mart sucks and refused to do a transfer for me. Fortunately, my wife is working and making pretty good take home pay.

Everything is going well but my hobbies have taken a hit on how often I can do them. Such as my Silent Cloud animation. I’m going to get them done. I just don’t know when. So if anyone is actually reading these blogs, I haven’t gone away just taken a prolonged vacation. Eventually, I’ll have more to say. I hope. Until then, stay toasty.

~Timothy S Purvis

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