Cosmic Fantasies

I’m fairly inconsistent when it comes to posting blogs and the like here. But I thought I’d go ahead and post something even though this is likely not read very often. I have made up a new google page for my personal company Cosmic Fantasies. Cosmic Fantasies is an idea I came up with waaaaaay back in 1994. I always wanted it to be a source of entertainment and etc etc. Well, since I do animations on youtube I wanted a channel dedicated solely to my animations. I had tried that with my Cloud Cedine site on youtube, but it was devoted solely to Star Cloud. Whereas I’ll probably keep that site, I’m going to try connecting my Cosmic Fantasies site to adsense and hopefully become marginally profitable. We’ll see what happens. Anyhow, here’s my Cosmic Fantasies youtube page that doesn’t have anything up yet:

And here’s my Cloud Cedine site:

Also check out my up til now main page:

While I’m talking about links, here’s a link to all my stories:

I’ll be doing more with these sites in the coming months and trying to become more noticeable in various places. Now all I have to do is finish up some stop motion animations I’m doing and get them up. Because, you know, those are what drives the ideas behind these pages to begin with. I may also do some blogs up here somewhat soon too. I just got done with a major move in real life and that drained me completely so I haven’t been doing much online.  But that will change. \

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

~Timothy S Purvis



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