Greetings All

This is my first post. I don’t know what I’m going to do here. But I own a domain. Cool. Cosmic Fantasies is my company centered around storytelling. The stories come via written word, animation, or film. I have a personal website with my stories (most of them anyway) posted on it located at this link: and my animations and videos are located here:

If you’re just dropping by to see who I am, well, I’m a storyteller. Yet nobody special. I want to entertain and deliver insightful commentary. I a member of the US Green Party and have moderate viewpoints. I’m a Gnostic with a mission to seek wisdom wherever it may be found. I am also a comedian with a flare for the overly dramatic. That comedy, though, comes out in my writing. I don’t do stand up. So we’ll see how often I find myself here and hopefully I’ll be able to say something relevant in the process. Thanks for reading.

~Timothy Scott Purvis

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